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Dodd, Marylin J.

a nursing theorist who, with Carolyn L. Wiener, developed the Theory of Illness Trajectory, which involves not only the patient but the family and caregivers. The theory helps elucidate how patients and families tolerate the states of uncertainty caused by the illness and manage the illness.
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Lady Anne gives a statement outside her Liverpool home following the death of her husband Sir Ken Dodd
Dodd was famous for his rapid-fire one-liners, surreal imaginative flights of fancy, use of fanciful words like "tattyfilarious" and marathon stand-up shows.
Dodd began his career in the 1950s and soon became beloved for his standup comedy skits.
Let me introduce myself - I'm Kenneth Arthur Dodd, artist's model and failed accountant
At about 3pm, the grandma saw the back of Dodd walking down her path, away from her home, and she thought it peculiar he had not been to see her.
Blood trickled from the right eye of Stalker as the pair slugged it out in the final round but it was Dodd who was ruled a clear winner.
Time is an illusion," Dodd told us, adding: "By the time you get out, you'll think it's Wednesday.
Dodd, who admitted affray and possession of an imitation firearm, was jailed for 16 months.
Wellman also emphasized appropriate courtroom demeanor, such as the language of the eye or the tone of the cross-examiner's voice, which Dodd said is an important lesson for a trial lawyer.
Dodd said she knows she is leaving the publications in good hands.
As to Dodd-Frank's survival, both Dodd and Frank see little chance for outright repeal of the law.
Dodd was eventually arrested in December 2013 when the girl, now in her early 20s, disclosed the relationship during counselling sessions.