res judicata

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res judicata (rās´ joo´dikä´tə),

adj decided or determined by judicial power; a thing judicially decided.
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70) Once in federal court, Exxon moved for summary judgment alleging that the doctrine of res judicata barred the trust class plaintiffs' claims based on the consent decree.
The doctrine of res judicata,(93) as applied by the Ninth Circuit, is designed to preclude future litigation on claims or matters that have previously been determined.
Hamilton Bank(114) that a litigant must bring a taking claim in state court before it is ripe for federal adjudication "does not prevent the doctrine of res judicata from barring subsequent federal action.
On the contrary, the park was afforded a full and fair opportunity to litigate its claims and thus, the doctrine of res judicata applied to the subsequent federal action.
The dissent in DeRico challenged the majority's disregard of the doctrine of res judicata.
With remarkable frequency, trial courts order post-judgment genetic tests for these procedural fathers, and with remarkable frequency the appellate courts reverse, citing the doctrine of res judicata.

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