res judicata

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res judicata (rās´ joo´dikä´tə),

adj decided or determined by judicial power; a thing judicially decided.
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114) Rosa Theofanis, "The doctrine of Res Judicata in International Criminal Law' (2003) 3 International Criminal Law Review 195
The issue was whether the doctrine of res judicata barred the nurse from alleging wrongful termination despite the fact that at the time of her original suit there had been no termination.
a (1982) ("[Prior to adoption of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,] there was little difference in the doctrine of res judicata as expounded in state and federal courts.
The Ninth Circuit employed the doctrine of res judicata and dismissed ASFA's class action, thereby extending the government enormous parens patriae authority to subsume private claims.
It held that the settlement of the MLR permit violation did not bar prosecution by WQC under the doctrine of res judicata.
An action to set aside an award may be filed, but the doctrine of res judicata precludes the parties from re-litigating issues already decided, even if there is new legal or factual evidence.
Latin for "the thing has been decided," the doctrine of res judicata performs one of the most important functions in the law.
The Tax Court ruled that the doctrine of res judicata did not bar a taxpayer from claiming net operating loss (NOL) carrybacks to 1999 and 2000, despite a prior deficiency case involving those years, because the statutory scheme for NOL carrybacks includes Sec.
In a decision handed down last June, a state court of appeals grappled with the issue of whether the doctrine of res judicata precludes spouses from filing civil tort claims after a divorce petition has been filed.
Accordingly, the court applied the legal doctrine of res judicata to bar Dr.

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