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Doctor of Medicine

In Britain, a person who, having obtained a basic, registrable medical qualification (Bachelor of Medicine), proceeds to further studies, research, thesis production and examination for the diploma of MD. This is equivalent to the PhD in other disciplines. In USA the basic qualification is Doctor of Medicine (MD), equivalent to Bachelor of Medicine in Britain.
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Q. I don’t know why doctor stopped the medicine and referred a psychiatrist. My sister is bipolar manic depression and we are taking her for her psychotherapy sessions from past 1 month. We have not found any change as of now. I don’t know why doctor stopped the medicine and referred a psychiatrist. We have to meet our doctor again after 2 months, but I wanted to know before meeting him that would this be of any help without any medicines.

A. Perhaps the GP stopped medications and referred your sister to a psychiatrist so that the psychiatrist can give her new medications. Sometimes it is better for a psychiatrist to percsribe medications because they know more about the illness and the effective treatments. If the medications your GP perscribed were not working perhaps he/she thought it better to hand the case over to a psychiatrist. Try to be patient through this process I know it is frusterating. Be there for your sister and be patient with her and her symptoms, in time it will get better. Keep faith.

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President of the Strike Committee Admir SuljiA emphasized their basic demand is to be social partners and to sign collective contracts for doctors of medicine and dental medicine, like it was done in eight other cantons.
The Trade Union of doctors of medicine and dentistry demands from the cantonal Government separate negotiations and the signing of a separate collective agreement for doctors of medicine and dentistry, as it has been done in other cantons, while the HNC Government insists on joint negotiations with representatives of all three unions of those employed in health care institutions and one collective agreement.
To remind, doctors of medicine and dentistry of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton entered the general strike on Monday.
Doctors of medicine and dentistry of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) started the general strike on Monday, confirmed for the Fena the President of the Trade Union of the doctors, Dr.

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