Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Doc·tor of Phys·i·cal Ther·a·py

(D.P.T.) (dok'tŏr fiz'i-kăl thār'ă-pē)
Highest degree conferred on students in the profession of physical therapy.
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Mary Blackinton, PT, EdD, GCS, is the director of the DPT Program at Nova Southeastern University-Tampa, a completely blended entry-level doctor of physical therapy program that started in 2011.
Augustine for Health Science in San Diego, California; Eric Shamus, associate professor in the Florida Gulf Coast University Doctor of Physical Therapy program; and Mark Dutton, a physical therapist with Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn Health System, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Calo, doctor of physical therapy at Body Dynamics in Falls Church, Virginia.
It was a perfect plan: Kenny needed a service project to fulfill a requirement for Duke University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.
Moore and Smith (2012) compared the effectiveness of video podcasting to live instructor demonstration in teaching of the basic psychomotor skills to a cohort of first year doctor of physical therapy students.
Nixon received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.
"Physical fitness has great benefits to your overall health,'' said Aiena Laya Bautista, doctor of Physical Therapy at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.
Wednesday at the Vet's Club, 1626 Willamette St.; Guest speaker Ryan Beck, doctor of physical therapy, will talk about back and spinal care and fitness.
The degrees offered in Pakistan in Allied health Sciences are Doctor of Physical Therapy Doctor of Optometry B.Sc (hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology B.Sc (Hons.) Medical Imaging Technology B.Sc (Hons.) Emergency and Intensive care Sciences B.Sc (Hons.) Cardiac Perfusion Technology B.Sc (Hons.) Respiratory Therapy B.Sc (Hons.) Operation Theatre Technology B.Sc (Hons.) Vision Sciences B.Sc (Hons.) Dental Technology B.Sc (Hons.) Dental Hygeine B.Sc (Hons.) Audiology B.Sc (Hons.) Occupational Therapy B.Sc (Hons.) Speech and Language Pathology B.Sc (Hons.) Optometry and Orthoptics B.Sc (hons.) Orthotics and Prosthetic B.Sc (hons.) Nutrition B.Sc (hons.) Biotechnology B.Sc (Hons.) Clinical Pathology B.Sc (Hons.) Critical Care and B.Sc (Hons.) Nuclear Medicine.
In 2000, nearly seven years after the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree was initiated in the U.S., Lebanon amended its three-year Physical Therapy Technician certificate program, requiring students to take an extra year of university education at the Lebanese University to be able to practice.

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