Doctor of Pharmacy

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Doc·tor of Pharm·a·cy

(Phar.D.) (dok'tŏr fahr'mă-sē)
The first-level professional degree or professional doctorate that prepares the graduate for pharmacy practice. The multidisciplinary curriculum may focus on pharmacy-biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, social and administrative sciences, clinical sciences and experiential training. Entrance into a Phar.D. (Pharm.D.) program generally does not require prior reception of a college degree, although most accepted applicants hold one.
See: pharmacist
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In doctor of pharmacy and doctor of physical therapy program, 60 percentage or above is mandatory in Intermediate HSC (Pre-Medical) or equivalent examinations.
The program gave awards of $1,000 to $20,000 to each pharmacy school's scholarship fund to assist top pharmacy students in achieving their Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.
Christopher Manzi of Shrewsbury received a doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas.
He stated that the last date of submission of online forms for KU Admissions 2018 (Entry Test Based) in Bachelors and Masters Program (Morning), Doctor of Pharmacy (Morning and
After graduating with a degree in biology from Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, Pace went to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to earn his doctor of pharmacy degree.
Vasquez earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Florida and was named a board certified Psychiatric Pharmacist in 2007 by the Board of Hospital Specialties in Washington, DC.
PLANS: Obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA at the University of Rhode Island.
The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), with the Food and Drug Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Pharmacy Affairs, has completed a baseline evaluation for integrating the "Science of Safety" into the curriculum of the doctor of pharmacy degree at accredited pharmacy colleges and schools.
KARACHI -- More than 12,000 forms submitted online for Karachi University admissions 2018 (Entry Test Based) in Bachelors and Masters Program (Morning), Doctor of Pharmacy (Morning and Evening), Doctor of Physical Therapy (Morning) and Visual Studies department for the session 2018.
Meanwhile, Punjab University Examinations Department has declared the results of BS Home Economics Part-I, II (1st year) second annual examination 2013, BS Home Economics Part-II (2nd and 3rd year) second annual examination 2013, Doctor of Pharmacy Final Prof annual examination 2013 and MBBS Final Prof (New Re-Organized Scheme) annual examination 2013.

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