Doctor of Osteopathy

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Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy

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Doctor of Osteopathy (or Osteopathic Medicine),

n degree accredited by the American Osteopathic Association to physicians specially trained to perform osteopathic medicine including manipulations aimed at restoring normal nerve and blood supply thereby enabling self-healing.
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Later, he earned a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from WVSOM.
PNWU has been granted authority from the Higher Education Coordinating Board of Washington State to confer the medical degree Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).
He received a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University.
He is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and has practiced the "holistic person approach" to medicine for almost 50 years.
Graduates will receive a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and move on to residency training as fully licensed physicians.
Shames received his bachelor's degree from La Salle University in Philadelphia and earned his doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.
The university is coeducational and offers bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees in a large number of fields, as well as the professional Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.
The College of Osteopathic Medicine will award 150 Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees; the College of Pharmacy will award Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.

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