Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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Doc·tor of Na·tur·o·path·ic Med·i·cine

(dok'tŏr nach'ŭr-ō-path'ik med'i-sin)
Degree awarded after candidate completes a 4-year program similar in the scope of the basic sciences to the equivalent of a medical course. These students do not usually proceed to internship or residency. Focus of training is on complementary and alternative medicine, used in preference to clinical modalities.
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The speaker is Julie Parks, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.
Most pharmacy staff members have not received fundamental instruction to adequately advise customers on natural alternatives for the prevention and treatment of disease," says James LaValle, a pharmacist and doctor of naturopathic medicine.
Andrea Sullivan sold everything and moved to Seattle to earn a doctor of naturopathic medicine degree.

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