Doc Fix

A component of a lower-spending compromise bill put before the US Senate after the initially proposed $140 billion Medicare finance package failed to pass (June 2010). The compromise bill would have cost $118 billion, delayed planned cuts in Medicare services, and provided a 2.2% raise in physician reimbursement (the ‘doc fix’) through November (2010). The latter bill also failed to pass, initiating a scheduled 21.3% reduction in reimbursement to physicians and other health providers. A survey of 9,000 members of the American Medical Association revealed that 31% of physicians in primary care would stop seeing Medicare patients because the rates of reimbursement were too low
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99 Disney Doc McStuffins Dottie's Clinic Play Set Help Dottie the doc fix her toys with help from her stuffed animal friends.
Known affectionately as the "permanent doc fix," Section 101 of MACRA fundamentally changes the way physicians are reimbursed under Medicare.
Members of both parties had long sought a permanent doc fix, and over the last two years had even agreed on the outlines of a replacement.
2 "fixes" doctors in the veterinary sense: "The Doc Fix [MACRA] neuters the profession of medicine and transforms us from healers to heelers getting paid by doing exactly what the HHS secretary says.
Because MAGI includes most types of traditional income--including wages, Social Security, IRA and 401(k) distributions, dividends, earned interest, and capital gains--the risk that a client will be liable for Medicare surcharges, at least in the early years of retirement, is very high--and the Doc Fix law is likely to increase that risk.
The new doc fix law might change the market in a few years, but PPACA hasn't changed it yet.
The second one is fiction: that this Doc Fix is a permanent solution to the fee problem.
We have no intentions of passing any kind of a short-term doc fix.
On April 2nd, President Barack Obama officially signed the temporary SGR doc fix delaying the compliance date of ICD-10 until October 1, 2015.
It is an excellent case study in federal backsliding as an everyday way of doing business: yet another Medicare doc fix when the administration touted that reimbursement cut as a way of making PPACA budget-neutral.
This has happened so repeatedly that it has acquired the nickname "the doc fix.
Despite bipartisan support for the so-called doc fix, other controversial provisions in the bill kept it from gaining traction in the Senate.