Doc Fix

A component of a lower-spending compromise bill put before the US Senate after the initially proposed $140 billion Medicare finance package failed to pass (June 2010). The compromise bill would have cost $118 billion, delayed planned cuts in Medicare services, and provided a 2.2% raise in physician reimbursement (the ‘doc fix’) through November (2010). The latter bill also failed to pass, initiating a scheduled 21.3% reduction in reimbursement to physicians and other health providers. A survey of 9,000 members of the American Medical Association revealed that 31% of physicians in primary care would stop seeing Medicare patients because the rates of reimbursement were too low
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The SGR law mandated overall reduction and, in order to pay for the "doc fix," savings needed to be found elsewhere.
Was PS19.99, now PS9.99 Disney Doc McStuffins Dottie's Clinic Play Set Help Dottie the doc fix her toys with help from her stuffed animal friends.
Known affectionately as the "permanent doc fix," Section 101 of MACRA fundamentally changes the way physicians are reimbursed under Medicare.
Those reductions had always been overridden in a recurring congressional ritual that came to be known as the "doc fix."
Unfortunately, a little known provision in the recently enacted "Doc Fix" law is set to modify the income thresholds in a manner that will subject even more clients to the highest premium surcharge rates.
The new doc fix law might change the market in a few years, but PPACA hasn't changed it yet.
After President Obama signed the Boehner-Pelosi $200 billion Medicare Reform package, the chief Medicare actuary issued a report that indicated my recollection of "Doc Fix" is closer to the truth than what Congress and the White House would have you believe.
In a broad bipartisan vote last week, the Senate followed the House's lead in approving a Medicare reform bill that included a permanent "doc fix," a method the government has used to ensure that payments to Medicare providers will keep up with inflation.
Senate is set to vote on a long awaited "doc fix" on Medicare rate cuts, Kyle Janek remains on the hot seat and an interview with Anka Vujanovic of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
''We have no intentions of passing any kind of a short-term doc fix. We've got a good product, we're going to pass it here on Thursday and I hope the Senate will move as quickly as possible,'' he said, using Washington's nickname for the Medicare doctors' measure in a warning to the Senate.
At the AMA, the focus was on the "doc fix" part of the legislation, which did not fix anything at all, but rather avoided (for the 17th time in 11 years) a deep cut in Medicare reimbursements to doctors.
Last month the House and Senate wrapped up consideration of the annual Medicare "doc fix" legislation.