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Doberman pinscher, Dobermann

a medium-sized (66-88 lb), lean, muscular dog with very short hair that is usually black with brown markings around the face and on the legs, but occasionally has a brown or blue body color. The tail is docked to a short length and where practiced, the normally pendant ears are cropped. The breed is often used for police or guard work. It is subject to spondylolisthesis (wobbler syndrome), color mutant alopecia, generalized demodecosis, chronic active hepatitis, cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand's disease, and degeneration of the bundle of His.

dancing Doberman pinscher disease
a very slowly progressive, painless neuromuscular disease in which affected dogs periodically flex one hindleg when standing. Hindleg weakness and atrophy of the gastrocnemius muscle eventually develops. In some cases both hindlegs are affected with flexion and extension of alternating hindlegs, hence the name.
miniature Doberman pinscher
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Doberman pinschers were selected for the brain imaging study because the compulsive behavior - the blanket- or flank-sucking and excessive licking - was unlikely to result from allergies or other medical problems.
The doberman's owner allegedly told police that the dog escaped and hasn't been seen since, that is until a few eagle-eyed residents spotted the doberman back in its garden with its owner
She looked after a horse and a doberman dog, but which animal won their owner a date with her?
Bella's husband, Andy, was walking his two dogs, Leo, a Toy Poodle, and Vinnie, a Miniature Pinscher, near his house at around 9:45pm on Monday when a Doberman appeared out of nowhere and attacked Leo first.
The 10-month-old Doberman came into news when it was revealed that he saw Adams' gold medal winning fight at the Leeds pet boarding center, where he was staying while his owner was competing in the London Olympics 2012.
As with the Doberman Gang remake, Reagan is seeking a production partner for the "Cooper" films.
Not only does Chloe have a dog-napper on her trail, she also has to contend with a ferocious Doberman who has his eye on her diamond collar.
Winner of the pedigree junior competition, for dogs aged 12 to 18 months, was Rosie, a 15-month old Doberman.
Erus is an eight-month-old Doberman dog who recently suffered a terrible accident to his front leg which has now had to be amputated.
A Netherfields family was lucky to be woken by their Doberman puppy as fire raged in their garden shed.
The same goes if you have a doberman, alsatian or Staffordshire bull terrier - all linked to working-class owners, a study has found.