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The pseudonym of a feral child who spent the first 13 years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair until she was discovered by authorities. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation in American history
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Mr Al-Khatib, 33, of Knustford Road, Gorton, denies murder in a Manchester Crown Court trial on mental health grounds, saying that he "pushed" her because he believed she was a djinn - an evil spirit from Islamic folklore.
Ce qui est specifique aux zones minieres de diamants de ce pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest est le fait que les soupqons et les fantasmes concemant l'utilisation des diamants vont de pair avec l'idee que ces pierres precieuses appartiennent a des entites spirituelles invisibles connues localement sous le nom de djinns ou dehul dsn.
Investigations show that the man beat the woman using a 'special' stick as part of his treatment for healing djinns," prosecutors said.
The story begins with traditional tales of djinns, demons and child-stealing monsters narrated by poverty-stricken father Saboor, who has to make the difficult choice of whether to give away his 3-year-old daughter Pari to a wealthy family.
Comparison of the two texts reveals that despite a separation of eighty years and very different circumstances of production, both Sabzwari's and Rabi's accounts relied on a common stock of folklore and oral accounts resulting in similar "xenologies" of Southeast Asia predicated on a shared set of exotic topoi including elephants, incest, and djinns.
The Prague Symphony Orchestra's performance is laudable, and despite slight nuances and minor deficiencies (sonic homogeneity, occasional tuning) it is an equal competitor to the Czech Philharmonic, which recorded with Fournet the remaining three Franck poems and the symphonic interlude from the oratorio Redemption (the solo piano part in the poem Les Djinns was performed by Frantisek Maxian, Sr.
They also tell me the forest is full of djinns, invisible spirits mentioned in the Koran that are said to inhabit the earth and appear as humans or animals to intercede in human affairs.
In the main, the Nights have been used to explore postcolonial travel sentiments such as in Salih's novel examined above and Jamal Mahjoub's Travelling with Djinns (2003).
The best-selling classic, In Xanadu, was followed by an intimate investigation of Delhi in the City of Djinns.
In the political essays Russia is personified through images of Djinns, ghouls, and vampires.
Pues Dhiyab sabia lo que todos saben, que mientras un golpe mortal mata a un djinn, dos golpes sin duda resucitan a dos djinns (32).