(jə-räs′ē), Carl Born 1923.
Austrian-born American chemist noted for his work on the development of an oral contraceptive.
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In August, Ryan will attend the prestigious Djerassi Resident Artists Program in Woodside, Calif.
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Syntex hired a young chemist called Carl Djerassi, who is often called "the father of the pill" and whose work on synthetic progesterone paralleled that being undertaken by Pincus and, separately, a third scientist, Frank Colton.
Djerassi, The Pill, Pygmy Chimps, and Degas' Horse: The Autobiography of Garl Djerassi (New York: Basic Books, 1992), p.
In a recent autobiographical book, one of the scientists principally responsible for the development of the contraceptive pill, Carl Djerassi, had this to say: since sexual behavior and attitudes are such personal matters, and at the same time so much a part of each culture's identity, differences should be accommodated rather than fought.
Meanwhile, Professor Carl Djerassi who invented the contraceptive pill was yesterday awarded an honorary degree at the University of Aberdeen.
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The film, which took the filmmakers to New York, London and Puerto Rico, includes interviews with feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem, Carl Djerassi, regarded as one of the scientific fathers of the pill, and Barbara Seaman, who first broke the story about the pill's side effects.
Invented by American research chemist Prof Carl Djerassi, the mass availability of the contraceptive within nine years of its conception led to the liberation of a generation of women.
Now if Djerassi - a member of the National Academy of Sciences, with over 1,200 publications, seven monographs, and a slew of awards that includes the National Medal of Science and 15 honorary doctorates - does not frown upon writing fiction for the public to provide a sense of the scientific life and manners, and to communicate real scientific information without "dumbing it down," then what excuse does the rest of the scientific community have?
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Combining vasectomy with existing technologies of cryogenic sperm preservation and artificial insemination could produce a reliable system for reversible male contraception, suggest Carl Djerassi, professor of chemistry, Stanford University, widely known as the father of the birth control pill, and Stanley P.