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an institution for the care and treatment of the acutely sick and injured.
day hospital a facility that offers professional health care, such as psychiatric care or rehabilitation services, to individuals who require services but are able to return to their homes overnight.
hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee a committee established in 1991 by the United States Government with members appointed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. It provides advice and guidance related to isolation practices and serves as an advisory committee to the centers for disease control and prevention for updating guidelines and policy statements related to control of nosocomial infection.
open hospital
1. a mental hospital, or section of a hospital, without locked doors or other forms of physical restraint.
2. a hospital to which health care providers who are not staff members may send their own patients and supervise their treatment.
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An institution for the treatment, care, and cure of the sick and wounded, for the study of disease, and for the training of physicians, nurses, and allied health care personnel.
[L. hospitalis, for a guest, fr. hospes (hospit-), a host, a guest]
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(hŏs′pĭ-tl, -pĭt′l)
a. A facility that provides emergency, inpatient, and usually outpatient medical care for sick or injured people.
b. A facility that provides veterinary care for sick or injured animals.
2. Chiefly British A charitable institution, such as an orphanage or a home for the elderly.
3. A repair shop for specified items: a doll hospital.
4. Archaic A hospice for travelers or pilgrims.
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An institution which is managed, staffed and equipped for providing healthcare services, including inpatient care, surgery, emergent and urgent care, and has facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

While each country differs in the way it classifies hospitals of different sizes and purposes, the accompanying table is useful to understand hospital groupings in the UK.

Hospital classification
Main and subcategories, per Scottish health services
(A) General Hospitals (mainly acute)
1) Teaching hospital—major teaching hospital covering a full range of services and with special units.
2) Large general hospital—general hospital with some teaching units, usually > 250 staffed beds.
3) General hospital—mixed specialist hospital (± maternity units); consultant surgery performed; usually < 250 staffed beds.
4) Children's hospital—large teaching hospital for children covering a range of medicine and surgery.
5) Community hospital—general practitioner hospital (± maternity unit) and visiting consultant clinics; no surgery.

(B) Long Stay Hospitals
6) Large long-stay hospital (> 100 staffed beds)—long-stay geriatric units with geriatrician(s); ± young chronic sick unit.
7) Small long stay hospital (< 100 staffed beds)—long-stay geriatric units with geriatrician(s); ± young chronic sick unit.
8) Long stay/acute hospital—long-stay geriatric units with some medical and surgical services.
9) Long stay/psychiatric hospital—long-stay geriatric units with geriatric psychiatry.
10) Long stay/community hospital—general practitioner hospital with some long stay cases.
11) Geriatric day hospital.

(C) Mental Hospitals
12) Teaching mental illness hospital with major teaching or research units.
13) Large mental illness hospital (> 250 staffed beds) ± teaching element.
14) Mental illness hospital (< 250 staffed beds).
15) Mental illness day hospital.

(D) Psychiatry or Learning Disabilities Hospitals
16) Large learning disabilities hospital (> 150 staffed beds).
17) Small Learning disabilities hospital (< 150 staffed beds).
18) Learning disabilities day hospital.

(E) 19) Maternity Hospitals.

(F) 20) Dental Hospitals.

(G) Others
21) Miscellaneous—hospital in which function and/or costs are not comparable with other hospitals.
22) Dead location—hospital subject to cost but in process of retraction or closure.
23) Shared facility—hospital with beds managed by more than one trust; that part of the hospital not managed by the “parent” trust and with costs not comparable to other hospitals.

(H) Clinics
24) Hospital Clinic.
25) Non-Hospital Clinic.
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A place where medical and surgical procedures are perfomed on inpatients. See America's Best Hospitals, American Biologics Hospital, Community hospital, For-profit hospital, Magnet hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Not-for-profit hospital, Public hospital, Plan hospital, Rural primary care hospital, 'Safety net' hospital, Single disease hospital, Virtual hospital.
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A health care facility or institution equipped for medical diagnosis, treatment, and care for both inpatients and outpatients and for clinical training of physicians, nurses, and allied care personnel.
[L. hospitalis, for a guest, fr. hospes (hospit-), a host, a guest]
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Institution for treatment, care, and cure of the sick and wounded, for the study of disease, and for the training of physicians, nurses, and allied health care personnel.
[L. hospitalis, for a guest, fr. hospes (hospit-), a host, a guest]
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Patient discussion about hospital

Q. I need to know when do the patient require hospitalization for bipolar? Hello everyone, I need to know when do the patient require hospitalization for bipolar and what are the factors decide on the duration of their stay?

A. There are many factors that can lead to hospitalization. It can be simply that the patient needs to be monitored while their medications are tweaked. It may be because the patient is in risk of harming themselves, or someone else. It may be that the patient is manic to a point where they may harm themselves. The stay in the hospital will also very depending on their symptoms and how quickly they can be controlled with medications and theropy. Sometimes a hospital stay could be very good for the patient and has often been a factor in saving lives.

Q. how long is a patient diagnosed with diverticulitis stay in the hospital How long is the observation period a patient diagnosed with diverticulitis

A. Simple diverticulitis may be treated as outpatient without hospitalization. Complicated cases are usually admitted and treated with antibiotics for several days.

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Q. I absolutely hate hospitals and doctors offices and can't stand them. any advice? I was very accident prone growing up so i have a lot of bad memories from the hospital and doctors offices that affect me today. Every time i get hurt or sick i refuse to go to get checked out and recently i did something to my wrist i was worried that i did something bad to it but i still wouldn't go. I'm better now but i need to get over my fears so i can handle these visits to the doctors or I'm worried something bad could happen in the future. Does anyone have any advice on what i should do?

A. this fear surly comes from places you know about. this is a first step! congratulations :).
now you have to figure what to do with them- that a very good situation to be in. all you have to do is choose how you want to overcome your fears. my advise to you is getting a psychologist that specialized in phobias. he can direct you to the next step much better then anyone else. you can also try Biofeedback, a treatment that helps you control your body reactions-
but i would let the psychologist recommend me a kind of therapy..
good luck!

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The fund will be divided among the 12 district hospitals in the province.
In previous hearings, the prosecution opposed the request to transfer Ampatuan to PHC because the 'ailment of the accused is within the clinical competence and level of management and treatment by the Taguig-Pateros District Hospital.'
The only District Hospital named Rural Health Care was established in 1989 which haven't been upgraded in past 29 years but declared District Head Quarter to treat patients from across the Dera Bugti."Since I have joined as MS, one female doctors had visited but she left because she hadn't been provided residential facility.
GPs are working in South Tyneside District Hospital to provide primary care support to reduce the need for patients to be admitted to hospital.
RADIOLOGY staff at Dewsbury and District Hospital were left despondent when a bid for charity cash for improved patient comforts was turned down.
The Betsi Board presented their plan through the Daily Post on July 20 that there would be no reconfiguration of district hospital services.
The Government of Japan hands over medical equipment to Suzak district hospital of Jalal-Abad region, reported press office of Japanese Embassy.
* SIR - I refer to Dr Chris Jones' reply to my earlier letter on Cwm Taf Health Board's proposal to run Prince Charles Hospital and the Royal Glamorgan as a single district hospital on two sites (Letters, September 13).
A passenger in the Peugeot, a woman from Hull, was airlifted to Scarborough District Hospital with serious injuries.
The Medical Team has been treating the flood affected patients in the Charsadda District Hospital in North West Pakistan, close to the Afghan border.
Bajura-based hospital and health centres are being inundated with typhoid patents in the recent time - the district hospital has been receiving at least 10 typhoid patients every day - but very few are lucky enough to get treatment and medication.

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