distribution coefficient

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dis·tri·bu·tion co·ef·fi·cient

the ratio of concentrations of a substance in two immiscible phases at equilibrium; the basis of many chromatographic separation procedures.
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Generally, against the background of SCC, we have noted a higher level of triene conjugates and Schiff bases and higher values of MM 280/254 nm distribution coefficient.
0s] = initial formaldehyde concentrations in wood composites; K = formaldehyde distribution coefficient between wood composites and air; f = dimensionless thickness correction factor; D = formaldehyde internal diffusion coefficient; [h.
Remainder inclusion of the primary carbonates (calcite and aragonite) and strontium distribution coefficient between dolomite and diagenetic fluids are generally the main factors controlling the concentration of Sr in dolomite [8].
Error of the distribution coefficient, [DELTA][beta], is calculated with the following expression:
Thus, as already done for uranium, a distribution coefficient in the range of 460-487 mL/g was obtained.
03/day (Eqn 9), being the result of rate-limited mass transfer between the mobile and immobile water phases, and the large equilibrium distribution coefficient, [k.
4] IV disposition data in rats to estimate tissue distribution coefficients, metabolism, and excretion parameters.
We specify the distribution coefficient v(0 [less than] v [less than] 1) as the proportion of R paid to capital managers, and 1 - v as the proportion paid to ordinary laborers.
In additional, the value of the distribution coefficient (MM 280/254 nm) was estimated as the ratio of extinctions at wavelengths of 280 and 254 nm, respectively.
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