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1. forming or pertaining to an end.
2. a termination, end, or extremity, especially a nerve ending.
3. an input-output device that communicates with a computer and includes parts such as a keyboard and a printer.
dedicated terminal a terminal reserved for just one type of computer application.
dumb terminal a computer terminal capable both as an input device, sending data keyed in on the terminal keyboard, and as an output device, displaying data on a screen or printing it on paper. See also intelligent terminal.
intelligent terminal a computer terminal, or a microcomputer functioning as a terminal, that can process data files stored on mass storage devices (usually floppy disks). Such files may be either output files received from the host computer or input (command) files sent to the host computer. See also dumb terminal.
point of care terminal a computer terminal that serves as an input device to allow health professionals to enter data at the patient's bedside.
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The increased cyberspace electromagnetic activity threat presented by a peer adversary, combined with the tyranny of distance imposed by this distributed intelligence mission command model, makes these rehearsals pivotal to the success or failure of the intelligence warfighting function in a high-intensity conflict.
ARM says that by providing low-power, efficient and powerful processors, device vendors will be able to explore the possibilities of distributed intelligence, and the new Cortex-A architecture enables system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture designers to scale up to eight cores in a single cluster.
In fact, the control components of many power systems which require distributed intelligence utilize Thevenin equivalent parameters as an indication of the state of the system [15, 16].
- The WiNG Express system is a state-of-the-art wireless offering that uses distributed intelligence; increasing the performance and resilience of the wireless network without performance bottlenecks or single points of failure.
We will see the rise of a new Internet architecture characterized by (a) 'Fog Computing' - the convergence of networking and compute at the edge of networks to create a more distributed intelligence that balances the need for centralized mega-scale data centers with more locally-useful computing and decision making capabilities, (b) a new type of networking architecture characterized by open APIs and by the embrace of developer communities who will create applications that optimize the integration of networks and management systems and business applications, (c) we will pass the peak of the SDN hype cycle and see real-world applications emerge in 2014, and (d) a new set of IT skillsets which accompany the convergence of computing, networking, storage and applications will emerge.
We believe the ideal network policy control architecture stems from a unified platform that spans across the data plane and control plane bringing distributed intelligence so policy decisions are made faster, without having to wait for a query and response.
The Ambient Smart Grid Nodes are purpose-built network devices, all with advanced processing capability and memory that, along with the AmbientNMS, deliver benefits of distributed intelligence grid architecture.
PT's SEGway Signaling Solutions provide affordable, high density signaling, advanced Diameter routing for LTE and IMS applications, IP migration, gateway capabilities, and core-to-edge distributed intelligence, as well as features such as Number Portability and SMS Spam Defense.
Now Eaton has extended distributed intelligence to the control panel.
Distributed Intelligence in Design Symposium (2009: Salford, England) Ed.
PT's SEGway Signaling Solutions provide low cost, high density signaling, advanced routing, IP migration, gateway capabilities, SIP bridge, and core-to-edge distributed intelligence. The company's Xpress NGN applications enable evolving Mobile 2.0, Multi-media, and IMS based revenue generating services.

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