distance education

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dis·tance ed·u·ca·tion

(dis'tăns ej'yū-kā'shŭn)
Planned learning pursued in a place other than where the instruction is offered, using the Internet.
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distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning
See also: education
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Compared to a few years ago there's now a wealth of distance learning packages on the market If you are considering using this approach for your CIMA studies, it's important that you find a distance learning course that will be effective for you: We've put some questions to Malcolm Bell, BPP's Head of Distance Learning, on what students should look for in a distance-learning course
Summary: JEDDAH: Part-time university students in the Kingdom have been left confused following local media reports that the Ministry of Higher Education will be closing down the system and replacing it with a distance-learning program.
With today's technologies, educational information can be presented by an instructor in a distance-learning class at any site and recorded for viewing somewhere else later as a refresher.
Distance-learning are ideal for people who have a full-time job or other commitments, who can't take time off to study full time.
TAMPA -- Enrollment in distance-learning classes at community colleges is galloping at a pace far exceeding overall enrollment growth, according to a recent report by the Instructional Technology Council.
Sean Bandarkar, program development director, Executive Education, Stanford University, says both in-person and distance-learning models have their advantages.
However, he cautions, on the one hand, that many students who have become accustomed to the instructor-centered learning experience of the classroom might have difficulty transitioning to the freedom of the distance-learning format; these students will not respond positively if thrown into the distance learning deep waters without careful attention to learning styles that encourage and promote self-direction.
In fact, as this story goes to press, the 12 leading distance-learning companies--including Career Education Corp.
Nationwide, approximately 25 percent of public schools offer distance-learning programs, according to Market Data Retrieval, 2003.
There are also many distance-learning programs that offer a degree with a very similar title: Doctor of Naturopathy.
But creating the ideal distance-learning environment should be on the agenda of any districts planning major modernizations or new facilities.

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