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forward motion characterized by both feet being simultaneously off the ground surface at a point during the gait cycle (contrast with walking, where one of the feet is always in contact throughout the gait cycle); during running the lower limb adopts a more varus position, the centre of gravity follows a more vertical path, there is greater lower-limb/foot deceleration, and a need for greater shock absorption and propulsive forces than for walking Table 1
Table 1: Comparison of gait during walking and running
WalkingSlow runningFast running
Contact phase (60%)
  • Heel contact

  • Midstance (flat foot)

  • Propulsion (toe off)

Shorter contact phase (50%)Short contact phase (40%)
5 cm base of gait (intermalleolar distance)>5 cm base of gait
Short swing phase (40%)Longer swing phase (70%)Long swing phase (80%)
Short period of double support (10%)40% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)60% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)
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It is a much harder thing to medal in distance running now than it was 20 or 30 years ago.
Holmes, who is heavily involved in the development of British women's middle distance running, said: "I think it is superb that there is such competition among the British middle distance girls at the moment.
This strongly suggests that RE is important to overall distance running performance.
Their research and conclusions are articulated in seven scientific breakdowns: Dissecting Running Potential, Demands of Distance Running, Fueling the Runner's Muscles, and Optimizing Performance.
2 miles, are the longest races in distance running.
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Gebrselassie, who has been a dominant force in distance running for the last two decades, made the decision after he limped out of the ING New York Marathon with a knee injury.
The British pair dominated middle distance running three decades ago as they vied for records and medals.
Brown has been a major critic of UKA's attitude and support towards distance running over recent years and last year decided he would in future represent Canada where he now lives.
ATHLETICS: Kelly Holmes believes next week's Olympic trials in Birmingham will prove the world class strength of British women's middle distance running.
Marathon after winning three medals in distance running at the past two Olympics.
MARK CARROLL is hoping cap off a glorious distance running career by claiming the Irish marathon record in New York today.