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, pl.


(thē'sis, -sēz),
1. Any theory or hypothesis advanced as a basis for discussion.
2. A proposition submitted by the candidate for a doctoral degree in some universities, which must be sustained by argument against any objections offered.
3. An essay on a medical topic prepared by the graduating student.
[G. a placing, a position, thesis]
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Embedding ORCID identifiers in theses and dissertations is an important step in creating a persistent, open, and unique connection between students and their contributions to the scholarly discourse.
Wilson Foundation President Harry Regan says the overall vision is to provide a free dissertations product that will be updated continually.
Berthold's dissertation was also one of the "final four" in the biannual competition for theEURO Doctoral Dissertation Award (EDDA) 2015 presented by EURO, the European operations research society.
Dissertations that explicitly self-identify as missiological or that include sustained interaction with missiology or with notable missiologists.
At conference presentations and in informal meetings with graduate students and writing center administrators, the topic of dissertation boot camp facilitates energetic and excited discussion.
Don't panic Make best use of time and manage your dissertation workload
In their final semester of didactic instruction, students take a course called Scientific Inquiry, which is designed to provide a quality online learning experience and facilitate timely completion of the dissertation.
As part of her study, Holman (2007a) sought to locate dissertations on collegiate honors and on high-achieving, high-ability, and gifted and talented education in ProQuest.
On Wednesday, the website of the HVG magazine accused Schmitt of plagiarizing the work of a Bulgarian sport expert for his doctoral dissertation.
To identify doctoral dissertations, the terms African American, African American Studies, Afro-American, and Afro-American Studies were used as keywords in Pennsylvania State library catalog (CAT), and Proquest Dissertations, limiting to doctoral dissertation (format), Pennsylvania State University (school) and year.
Virginia Tech University in the US began requiring electronic submission of theses and dissertations in 1997 (Seasmans, 2003).