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A mutant gene that affects female Drosophila melanogaster, resulting in disinterest in copulation; in males, this mutation triggers indiscriminate copulation with males and females
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Although schooling may be an indicator of socioeconomic status which may be linked to body dissatisfaction, there are still no studies on Brazilian adolescents reporting on the educational level of the family head associated with the body image.
Another statistically significant indicator of body dissatisfaction is early onset of puberty (Keski-Rahkonen et al., 2005).
Zhang (2012) carried out a qualitative study and found that, among 24 female participants, body dissatisfaction was less common among those identifying as spiritual compared to those reporting no faith beliefs.
When nurses experience dissatisfaction, they likely have fewer resources to invest in doing their work carefully, instead experiencing exhaustion and aversion to patients (Biaggi, Peter, and Ulich 2003).
Sociocultural and feminist theories are two theoretical approaches that are central to the understanding of body dissatisfaction. Sociocultural theory concerns the social and cultural variables that cause body dissatisfaction, instead of viewing individual psychopathology as the cause (Jung et al., 2009).
Just over half of respondents (51.6 percent) agreed with at least one statement of residency or career dissatisfaction. Respondents reported that lack of a formal maternity leave policy was associated with "considered leaving" (odds ratio [OR], 1.83), while perception of stigma during pregnancy was associated with "revisit career choice" (OR, 1.79).
Republicans' dissatisfaction is down from a peak of 86% in 2016, while Democrats' has rebounded after dropping to a low point of 34% in 2017.
Genital dissatisfaction is problematic for women in and of itself but also because it is associated with poorer sexual well-being.
Until there is a box on the voting slip for "none of the above" then this is the only way to show voter dissatisfaction, other than voting Monster Raving, if that is an option.
KARAK -- District Education Officer Karak paid surprise visits to different government high, Middle and primary schools of district Karak and expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the teachers in some schools.