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A mutant gene that affects female Drosophila melanogaster, resulting in disinterest in copulation; in males, this mutation triggers indiscriminate copulation with males and females
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Another statistically significant indicator of body dissatisfaction is early onset of puberty (Keski-Rahkonen et al.
People most at risk for body dissatisfaction are those who belong to identified at-risk groups (white heterosexual women, and gay men), who have low self-esteem, and who perceive a lack of control over body image.
Mediation effect analysis was run in three steps: First, regression analysis on restrained eating was conducted with the predictor variable of body dissatisfaction (model 1).
a) On comparing their starting states with their status at the end of the task, participant knowledge would increase and dissatisfaction with their knowledge would decrease.
The decline in Republicans' dissatisfaction over the past two years likely reflects their optimism that immigration will be or is being tightened under Trump, which has, in turn, increased Democrats' frustrations.
The co-existence of body image dissatisfaction and disordered eating concerns has been well documented, particularly for young women aged between mid-adolescence and mid-to-late twenties living in Western cultures (Ferraro et al.
We predicted that self-focused attention would mediate the relationship between body dissatisfaction and disordered eating (Hypothesis 1).
Dissatisfaction is now back at the same levels as reported between 2011 and 2013, the survey, published by the King's Fund health charity thinktank, found.
Another significant and largely consistent result suggests that women with a high body mass index generally report a greater level of body dissatisfaction than men [21].
The research, carried out by Leeds Beckett University, found children who were classed as overweight or obese on body mass index (BMI) growth charts had higher body shape dissatisfaction scores than normal-weight children.