Disruptive Physician

A physician who, over time and by the use of verbal harassment, causes a disruption and potential for decreased quality of patient care. These physicians may, depending on the circumstances, be dealt with in a variety of ways, from a friendly discussion to loss of staff membership and privileges
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In response to growing concerns about patient safety, the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) issued a Sentinel Event Alert on disruptive physicians that requires health care organizations to publish a defined code of conduct and have a specific process in place for addressing disruptive physician behavior.
The issue is so widespread that the Joint Commission issued a statement requiring that health care facilities adopt zero tolerance policies for disruptive physician behavior by January 1, 2009.
Managing the disruptive physician and/or other healthcare providers is a renewed Joint Commission focus.
Managing the disruptive physician or other healthcare provider is a renewed JCAHO focus in 2006.
Winner: Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota for its work to address disruptive physician behavior.
The study finds that disruptive physician behavior, as well as an institution's response to it, is a contributing factor in nurses' morale and their decision to leave their positions.
ACPE has teamed up with the country's largest mobile and online physician community to shed new light on the pressures affecting today's physicians, the prevalence of disruptive physician behavior and its detrimental effects on patient care.
In 2006, Rosenstein co-authored a landmark study of disruptive physician behavior that helped spur the health care industry into action.
I found that in disruptive physician meetings and when handling physician complaints that delegating some of this difficult work reduced my stress, accelerated time-to-closure for complaints, and helped my department heads and president elect gain valuable experience in these areas.
There are many possible outcomes for a meeting with a disruptive physician.
Here lies one of the great paradoxes of dealing with disruptive physician behavior.
Disruptive physician behavior is a form of physician impairment and has become a focus of public health attention due to its destructive impact on hospital staff, institutions, and patient care.