Disruptive Physician

A physician who, over time and by the use of verbal harassment, causes a disruption and potential for decreased quality of patient care. These physicians may, depending on the circumstances, be dealt with in a variety of ways, from a friendly discussion to loss of staff membership and privileges
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The "disruptive physician" label continues to be used by hospitals to remove targeted physicians.
FROM TIME TO TIME, PHYSICIAN LEADERS must deal with a disruptive physician colleague.
Disruptive physician behavior can be more than a headache for the medical team, it can greatly lower staff morale and compromise patient care.
Be cautious of allowing human resource (HR) departments to direct potential disruptive physician issues, Ms.
This issue led The Joint Commission to focus on disruptive physician behavior several years ago.
Disruptive physician behavior has been identified and described in a variety of ways, including verbal outbursts, physical threats, degrading or insulting comments, ignoring behaviors, and sexual harassment (Higgins & Macintosh, 2010; Rosenstein, 2009; Rosenstein & O'Daniel, 2008).
I simply wish to underscore the serious nature of dealing with the disruptive physician and the decisions thereof.
* disruptive physician behavior toward nurses and other personnel
Thus, the purpose of this pilot study was to assess the magnitude of the problem of disruptive physician behavior, as reported by perioperative nurses in a Missouri perioperative department.
They also discuss the disruptive physician, boundary violations among physicians, and therapy options.
Similarly, disruptive physician behavior may include activities that many of us might regard as "temperamental" but that we might not recognize as potentially actionable.