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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.
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Because CATIA permits the modeling of nonrepetitive surfaces and supports, of different exterior panels and interior armatures, it has allowed Gehry to privilege shape and skin, the overall configuration, above all else: Hence the non-Euclidean curves, swirls, and blobs that became his signature gestures in the '90s, most famously in the Guggenheim Bilbao (1991-97), which looks like a cross between an ocean liner run aground and a spaceship landed in the Basque Country, and most egregiously in the Experience Music Project (1995-2000) in Seattle, whose six exterior blobs clad in different-color metals have little apparent relation to the many interior display stations dedicated to popular music.
Medical: State-of-the-art medical diagnostics systems utilize advanced networking architectures with intelligent systems acquiring medical and image data for simultaneous distribution over Intranet and Internet to health monitors, storage sub-systems, remote diagnostics and other display stations.
When standard operating procedures are followed, staff at any of the display stations can quickly access the location of each inmate throughout the facility.
Display Stations feature bundled hardware and software
The Blossom DaViD(tm) 4000 provides a total Windows NT 4.0(tm) DVD mastering solution that establishes a new price point for a wide range of applications in areas such as corporate communications, education, commercial productions, training, video content, archiving, multimedia display stations and much more.