Displacement Hypothesis

The theory that restricting the means for a person’s suicide is ineffective because those planning suicide will substitute another instrument to accomplish their ultimate goal, that of ending their lives
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These findings can be explained by the augmentation hypothesis, while the literature that claims social media has a negative effect may be explained by the displacement hypothesis (Huang, 2010).
However, the displacement hypothesis states that use of the internet, especially in connecting with people online, displaces face to face social relationships and the quality of social support given and received.
The (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215300704) "Displacement Hypothesis"  suggests that time spent on smartphones displaces (or reduces) more meaningful interactions with your lover, weakening the relationship.
Thus the displacement hypothesis suggests that time spent by adolescents consuming media displaces time that could be used for educational activities (Anderson and Bushman, 2001; Hofferth, 2010).
Consistent with the displacement hypothesis is the concern that media activities are sedentary activities, thus media use also affects physical and psychological health (Ohannessian, 2009).
Although it is a logical to assume that TV replaces (or displaces) calorie-burning physical activity, there is surprisingly little evidence to support the displacement hypothesis.
The most important of these is the Horiuchi displacement hypothesis. Horiuchi (1977) argued that BOJ restrictions on city bank lending would result in a decline in their interbank borrowing.
The competitive displacement hypothesis predicts that interspecific overlap in physical characteristics of nest sites will be greater for artificial vs.
Figure 2 illustrates the general overview of the simulations and reconstructions used to test the character displacement hypothesis. The comparisons and various options are indicated by shaded boxes.
Empirical evidence of correlations between predator size and prey size, necessary for support of the competitive character displacement hypothesis had been lacking in previous studies of character displacement in carnivores (Dayan et al.
The influence of rearing environment on sexual isolation between populations of Drosophila mojavensis: An alternative to the character displacement hypothesis. Master's Thesis.