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displaced person



One who leaves his or her home or homeland because of war, disease, famine, political conflicts, economic pressure, or persecution. Displacement increases the likelihood of malnutrition, detachment from family and social networks, and exposure to abuse and violence.
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Wrecked by seven years of war, Syria accounts to the highest number of displaced people.
In conjunction with launching "Save the People of Mosul" campaign, QC implemented a project to build a camp of 100 fully equipped tents and health facilities for the displaced people.
With respect to Iraq, Al Hammadi highlighted that there are nearly 120,000 internally displaced persons living in 12 camps in Dohuk Governorate and cited reports that indicate that the capacity of these camps is not sufficient to host all the internally displaced people.
Med shot, newly arrived internally displaced people getting into UNMISS protection of civilians site
It pointed out that most people are staying outside under trees where they are exposed to harsh rainy season conditions, saying there is only one water source available for both the host community and the displaced people, and long queues have already led to some conflict.
Bzeibez bridge, which connects Anbar to Baghdad, has remained closed for days, leaving thousands of displaced people stranded.
During the National Conference on Forced Displaced People, held today by the Higher Islamic Council, he pointed out that the Iraqi government "does not want civilian casualties due to air strike", stressing that "terrorists shall be chased".
KABUL(PAN): The minister of refugee and repatriation affairs Thursday expressed his concern at the situation of displaced people and urged donors for assistance.
Called desplazados (displaced people), they are innocent victims of Colombia's decades-long internal conflict between guerrilla insurgents, paramilitary groups, and the military.
Summary: More than 80 civilians were killed in an air raid which blasted a makeshift camp of displaced people in northern Yemen, witnesses said on Thursday, as the army pursued its offensive on Shiite
It was not until 1981 that the Japanese government started to bring the displaced people to Japan in group visits to search for their kin.
Furthermore, in 2005 the United Nations General Assembly stated that it recognized the Principles as an "important international framework for the protection of internally displaced people." Finally, according to Francis Deng, the Principles "reflect and are consistent with international human rights and humanitarian law and analogous refugee law."

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