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n the process of distributing an essential oil among several solvents by using the various soluble properties of the components within the essential oil.
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The backup options include the making of a complete disk image and the backing up of an individual disk partition.
Besides that the software presents free open source applications for file recovery (PhotoRec), disk partition editing (Gparted), and antivirus protection (Clam Antivirus).
Volume Cloning makes an exact copy of your hard disk partition
First, when additional disk space is required for the database operation, the steps required to increase the size of the raw disk partition are complex and time-consuming.
Volume Cloning feature allows you to make an exact copy of your hard disk partition
Using its Read-Only Mode, any hard disk partition (other than the partition that the operating system resides on) can be set to a "Read-only" state.
Now, look at the same file if it is on a plain, single disk partition instead of a stripe set.