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Referring to any person or cultural group with no political, social, or economic power
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Council therefore requests that the Mayor writes to the Electoral Commission and the appropriate government minister to make them aware of the 20,000 disenfranchised Liverpool residents and lobby for an immediate change in legislation which would allow institutional landlords to register their tenants to vote.
The purpose of this article is to elucidate (a) the process of coping with grief as experienced by bereaved pet owners; (b) the negative impact of disenfranchised grief on pet bereavement; and (c) the use of grief counseling and other resources for pet loss.
Votes for the "none of these candidates" option aren't counted in determining who wins an election, the judge reasoned, and voters whose votes aren't counted are disenfranchised.
To counter this we must listen to our disenfranchised minorities, whatever colour or religion they may be.
But the same politicians who supposedly don't want to disenfranchise presidential voters have already disenfranchised voters in most state elections, as well as those for the House of Representatives.
Sadly, if peer groups offer an incentive for disenfranchised individuals to join their group, then it is incumbent on, for example, the school and youth groups to address the needs of those individuals who feel disenfranchised, and who need to be shown they have a stake in building a more positive outlook.
Registration drives expand our democracy by reaching out to historically disenfranchised and under-represented communities.
4 million African-American men are disenfranchised, a rate seven times the national average.
In the same way English voters are already disenfranchised from issues that only affect Wales.
He is joined by those who do not "fit" in the regular world: the mad, lame, disenfranchised, betrayed.
I know for a little bit you were disenfranchised with all the big money coming into skateboarding, but lately you've been recharged.