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Referring to any person or cultural group with no political, social, or economic power
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Disconnected, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised: Explorations in the digital divide.
* Felons who have served their sentence are not the "last disenfranchised class." Citizens of the nation's capital have been disenfranchised since 1801.
citizens, they will combine a desire for 'payback' with an ability to blend easily into American culture." Moreover, he charged, "Saudi money has been funneled into the American Muslim Foundation, which supports prison programs," reiterating that America's "alienated, disenfranchised people are prime targets for radical Islamists who preach a religion of violence, of overcoming oppression by jihad."
In a letter to the Rutland (Vermont) Herald, Tamar and Martha Hennessy wrote, "Dorothy was an ardent believer in social justice, the rights of workers, and care of the disenfranchised. Her life's work was dedicated to picking up the pieces of human wreckage, the result of policies that continue to be perpetuated by the Bush administration....
makes a good launch platform for talking about disenfranchised voters.
And so it does-to the benefit of conservative white Republican states." A failure to change the system, Wing notes, will leave people of color disenfranchised.
In an interview with The Times, he warned that many people would be disenfranchised if an election was held while the disease was prevalent.
As the subsequent NAACP news-conference on November 29 concluded, thousands of voters--particularly people of color--were disenfranchised this election in violation of the Voting Rights Act and to the detriment of democracy.
The Greens denounce these irregularities, as well as Florida's law denying felons the right to vote for the rest of their lives, a policy that has disenfranchised one-third of the black men in Florida.
"We know that people are feeling disenfranchised in this area," said Lisa Daglian, a spokewoman for the borough president.
We might not agree with every personal choice Garcia made during the "long strange trip," but one cannot deny his role as a beacon for many disenfranchised youth looking for authentic peace, love, tolerance, and unabashed joy of life.
Such streamlining is difficult to accomplish, because a favorite fear of physicians is that they will be "disenfranchised." Smaller executive groups are only acceptable if accompanied by assurances in written operational policies that the executive group's intent is to seek input from staff members and to communicate important decisions and actions in a timely manner.