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The sudden increase in the incidence of a disease or condition.
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Q. Can Cholera outbreak here in the U.S? I looked for information about Cholera and couldn’t find much…

A. You can find any information in wikipedia. here is a link about Cholera :
and here is all the info about Cholera outbreaks in the world:

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TOKYO, Japan -- On August 22, the Government of Japan decided to extend an Emergency Grant Aid of 550 million Japanese Yen (5 million USD) to the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the eastern part of the country, declared as "Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)" by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The WHO had deployed a team of experts to support the Saudi Ministry of Health to ensure public health preparedness measures and prevent any potential disease outbreaks, it added.
Historic trends in mass-mortality events attributed to the disease were found to match the pattern of increased temperatures recorded over recent decades, with disease outbreaks predicted to become more severe, more widespread and occurring over a greater proportion of the year within the next few decades, if carbon emissions continue at their current rate.
A disease outbreak investigation team and quarantine movement and control team have also been formed.
Wafula said that toilets in the staff quarters were in bad conditions adding that this could lead to a disease outbreak in the area.
In fact, the percentage of rural school districts that included pandemic flu and disease outbreak procedures in their preparedness plans decreased over time and was lower than the percentage of districts in urban and suburban areas.
Dr Shahid Bokhari said on this occasion that every citizen would have to play his role to defeat the disease outbreak. He stressed upon the citizens to adopt all precautions, wash hands frequently and refrain from touching others.
"Local alerts from WZZY 98.3 FM regarding a zombie attack and disease outbreak from deceased bodies is a result of the radio station alerting system being hacked.
Vets, while conducting their day to day work, are required to be ever vigilant to signs of disease outbreaks.
Based on the evidence submitted via BELA, and investigated by the BfR, the same two categories topped the grocery vehicles involved in 2013's food-borne disease outbreaks as in previous years; meat, meat products and sausages, and ready meals and prepared foods.
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) announced the appeal, marking the first time in its 50-year history that the DEC has appealed in response to a disease outbreak.
Since 1973, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has collected data on foodborne disease outbreaks submitted by all states, the District of Columbia, and US territories through the Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System.

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