discrete random variable

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dis·crete ran·dom var·i·a·ble

a random variable that may assume a countable number of values, each with a probability strictly greater than zero.
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Particularly, when p is the Poisson distribution with parameter [lambda], it follows that for every sufficiently small positive [DELTA] there exists a discrete probability distribution q, such that [DELTA] ([g.
Each loop of the stochastic simulation of accident position, say, loop j should start from sampling of the zone number k from the discrete probability distribution defined by the weights [p.
2 are depicted the discrete probability distributions of genuine and impostor scores generated by a matching algorithm.
Consequently, it is possible to generalize the maximum entropy problem to permit a discrete probability distribution to be specified and obtained for each [[alpha].
Much of the published discussion concerning the merits of the EPD approach over the ruin approach has used simplistic examples with discrete probability distributions to describe alternatives.
This effect is due to using a discrete probability distribution with a limited range of outcomes.
Consider two discrete probability distributions, p and q.
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