discrete random variable

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dis·crete ran·dom var·i·a·ble

a random variable that may assume a countable number of values, each with a probability strictly greater than zero.
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He covers the basics of probability, counting problems, conditional probability and independence, expected value and variance, discrete random variables, and a wide variety of other related subjects over the course of the bookAEs eight chapters and three appendices.
The inverse transform method can be adjusted for discrete random variables as well, if we consider the generalized inverse of the cdf i.
Among the topics are discrete random variables and probability distributions, joint probability distributions and random samples, tests of hypotheses based on a single sample, simple linear regression and correlation, and distribution-free procedures.
The text begins with sets and functions, then covers combinatorics, probability, conditional probability, discrete random variables, and densities.
n)n [greater than or equal to]1] be a sequence of discrete random variables supported by N, with associated probability generating functions [p.
Walker, An efficient method for generating discrete random variables with general distributions, ACM Trans.
For describing discrete random variables associated with experiments, an important notion is that of Bernoulli trials.
Among the topics are data description and treatment, probability distributions for discrete random variables, multiple random variables, fundamental statistical analysis, confidence intervals and sample size determination, and reliability analysis of components.
of Texas at Dallas) provides MATLAB computer codes along with detailed examples and exercises with direct connections to the front lines, moving efficiently from basic probability to discrete random variables and their distributions, continuous distributions, computer simulations and Monte Carlo methods, stochastic processes, queuing systems, basic statistics, statistical inference, and regression.
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