compassion fatigue

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compassion fatigue

Cynicism, emotional exhaustion, or self-centeredness occurring in a health care professional previously dedicated to his or her work and clients.
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compassion fatigue,

n emotional drain experienced by caregivers us-ually after caring for another with a progressive illness.
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209) The disaster pornography and desensitization argument is concerned with the flipside of the existing critique--repeated viewing of graphic rape images, even those with limited patriarchal connotations, can create the same pernicious effects as disaster pornography.
An accuser on the witness stand is not unlike the starving child or numerous other repeated images found in disaster pornography.
Jurors can make the same dissociative move as the person viewing disaster pornography.
Just as disaster relief agencies can point to the bottom line to show the diminishing returns from the use of disaster pornography, sex crime prosecutors can highlight the incredibly low number of reports that actually turn into convictions.
Nonetheless, there are people who would not exhibit the disaster pornography reactions.

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