Disaster Psychiatry

A specialized branch of mental health care which provides psychiatric services to disaster victims and rescue workers
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The focus of the consultation was integrating disaster psychiatry concepts into existing medical education programs supporting traditional didactics with cooperative learning group exercises and simulation.
NEW YORK -- After the earthquake in Nepal earlier this year, Disaster Psychiatry Outreach sent in volunteers who found preexisting issues that made their mental health response challenging at best, Dr.
Paper pre- sented at the Annual Meeting of Disaster Psychiatry Outreach, Miami.
As the storm's 2-year anniversary approaches (Box, page 70), (2,3) we share our experiences to help you prepare for disasters in your community and to contribute to the limited data on ethics in disaster psychiatry.
Information on disaster psychiatry for primary care physicians and mental health providers;
The fallout from Hurricane Katrina will be unique in that the mental health challenges facing survivors will be impossible to predict, according to several disaster psychiatry experts.
Case studies, invaluable observations, and highly accessible narrative styles make Disaster Psychiatry indispensible to academic libraries and personal psychiatric reference shelves.
RP Smith, MD, CL Katz, MD, A Holmes, Disaster Psychiatry Outreach; R Herbert, MD, S Levin, MD, J Moline, MD, P Landsbergis, PhD, L Stevenson, MPH, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York.
He also is interested in mind-body, body-mind interactions; and disaster psychiatry.
She trained at Harvard, George Washington, Walter Reed, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and has completed fellowships in forensic and preventive and disaster psychiatry.
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