Disaster Committee

The hospital committee responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing emergency disaster plans that would enable the hospital to meet the community’s emergency medical needs in the context of a disaster within the limits of its resources
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Human and material resources mobilised by the regional anti-natural disaster committee and backed by two National Army planes helped to put out the fire in Skhira (Sejnane) this afternoon, Regional Agricultural Development Commissioner Khelifa Hammami said.
I was given a chance to lead a distribution effort in the third and final wave the way I wanted to see things done, organising workshops for local community disaster committee members and building up local capacity for them to perform the distributions themselves, with us merely giving them the means to do it themselves.
Sunema Simati: When the [2011] tsunami happened in Japan, Aunese was on the disaster committee.
State Flood Disaster Committee chairman Mustapa Mohamed said electricity and water supply in Kuala Krai, Tanah Merah, Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas and Tumpat, were still disrupted.
As a member of the Aberfan Disaster Committee, he helped with the raising of money for the community and families.
The head of the Disaster Committee at the Alexandria Municipal Council, Salah Eissa, blames greedy contractors for the problem, adding that they have repeatedly warned of the dangers of rapidly constructed tower blocks.
Family groups are regularly meeting with the eight people sitting on the independent disaster committee.
All proceeds from the authentic food sold and the hair braiding will be sent to the disaster committee appeal.
It is the most devastating flooding in more than 30 years in Phu Yen," the national disaster committee said in a statement, after part of the province's system of dykes was overwhelmed.
The country's National Disaster Committee, which has already begun an inquiry into what happened, said three passengers, including a child and a man, drowned during the scramble to escape the ship.
According to Dr Mo'en Fikri, Chairman of the Central Disaster Committee and Clinical Director of Rashid Hospital Emergency and Trauma Centre, the medical staff at the centre are being pushed way beyond their limits due to the rising number of emergency cases, especially those arising from road accidents.

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