Disaster Committee

The hospital committee responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing emergency disaster plans that would enable the hospital to meet the community’s emergency medical needs in the context of a disaster within the limits of its resources
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State Education Department deputy director (School management) Ab Rahim Lamin said the postponement was implemented at the advice of the Johor Disaster Committee to ensure the safety of students, pupils, teachers and personnel at the two schools.
El Ayoun neighbourhood municipal Councillor Mongi Guesmi reported in a statement to TAP correspondent in the region that efforts are being made by the local natural disaster committee, supported by equipment and civil protection teams, to clear the main roadways, including those of Bouarar, Fahis, Meja, Bouajer, Maja and others.
Queen of England Elizabeth II also donated through the Emergency Disaster Committee (DEC).
Since the incident, the Red Cross and the County Disaster Committee are is yet to speak on the issue.Last year, similar flooding occurred in the same community, and the county authority headed by Madam Betsy Kuoh Toe, provided a parcel of land to the affected residents, but they deliberately refused to relocate.
'The disaster committee is on the ground we are working with the national government, KDF to save the situation the floods are as a result of rain from up country,'' he said.
Assistant council secretary for Tutume -Sub district also a district disaster committee member Mr Uyapo Mafunye explained that of the 1 287 people affected by the disaster, 523 were children aged between five and 15 years while 87 were elders aged 60 and above.
"I was given a chance to lead a distribution effort in the third and final wave the way I wanted to see things done, organising workshops for local community disaster committee members and building up local capacity for them to perform the distributions themselves, with us merely giving them the means to do it themselves."
Sunema Simati: When the [2011] tsunami happened in Japan, Aunese was on the disaster committee. So I am at home, and they called a meeting for the committee every hour.
State Flood Disaster Committee chairman Mustapa Mohamed said electricity and water supply in Kuala Krai, Tanah Merah, Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas and Tumpat, were still disrupted.
As a member of the Aberfan Disaster Committee, he helped with the raising of money for the community and families.

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