Dirty Room

A theatre/OR or other procedural suite which has not been cleaned after a procedure
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References in classic literature ?
Troy set the example of rising to go, he still kept his seat, and looked at the lawyer as if he regretted leaving the atmosphere of tobacco smoke reeking in the dirty room.
Konstantin Levin sighed, looking meanwhile about the cheerless and dirty room. This sigh seemed to exasperate Nikolay still more.
'I don't know what comes over me sometimes,' said she, affecting to busy herself in arranging her dress; 'it's this damp dirty room, I think.
By degrees, however, the place resolved itself into a bare and dirty room, with a couple of windows, whereof a tenth part might be of glass, the remainder being stopped up with old copy-books and paper.
After being attacked by police dogs, brutally beaten, and shot at by border guards, he and his friend were put in a cold dirty room and told, "You are Muslims ...
A nurse agreed to inspect my leg, and took me to a scruffy, dirty room and asked me to sit on a table.
I, between the devil and deep sea, paid him 500 and he managed my meeting with manager, the manager showed me a dirty room and asked 6000 for one night charges-which was worth 800 rupees a night.
"Unprofessional staff dirty room crouded restaurant had no place to have breakfast...bad experience...wouldn't reccomend it.
Inside Al Amreya police station, Nasim claimed he and his son were detained in a small, dirty room that was only large enough to accommodate 15 people, but held nearly 70 detainees.
Walking home from a local pub W alone, she says she was knocked unconscious and later woke to find herself in a dirty room, tied to a chair with two men standing over her.
Furthermore, the hunger strikers are being held in a dirty room from 06.00 am to 10.00 pm each daily to pressure them to end their hunger strike, he clarified.