director of nursing

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director of nursing



The nursing manager or chief executive officer.

Professional Organization

The National Association of Directors of Nursing–Long-term Care (NADONA-LTC) addresses the needs of directors and assistant directors of nursing and provides educational conferences.

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Ellie Monkhouse is the new executive director of nursing and quality at Northumbria Healthcare
ONS Radiation Special Interest Group (SIG) member Elise Carper, RN, MA, ANP-BC, AOCN[R], is the director of nursing at Continum Cancer Centers of New York in New York City.
The members of GNA's Congress on Nursing Practice task force are Wanda Jones (GNA Director of Nursing Practice), Cindy Balkstra (GNA Immediate Past President), Katie Morales, Dorethea Peters, Kris Schultz-Tanner and Sandy Turner.
"Unfortunately, however, a minority of trusts have no executive director of nursing post in their governance structure with equal powers to, say, the director of finance.
She previously served as Director of Nursing in a CCRC and as a nurse consultant for two corporations with numerous long-term care facilities in Iowa.
This year's esteemed panel of judges includes David McGirr, vice-president, Business Sales and Strategic Solutions with NorthernTel and Telebec; Tom Morris, president and CEO of Wasaya Airways; Kathy Wells-McNeil, owner and director of nursing services for Total Nursing Care; and Robert Jackson, president and CEO of Prestige Glass International.
She pursued a career as a nurse and eventually elevated herself to assistant director of nursing at HHC Health & Home Care in New York City, where she earns slightly less than $100,000 a year.
Debbie Warren, RN, Director of Nursing and Patient Care, Bellwood Health Services Inc., Toronto.
The article can be found in the July 2001 issue or on the www at: and search for "most wired." Mary O'Connor is Director of Nursing at Fauquier.
Gropper, PhD, RN, was Associate Executive Director of Nursing, Elmhurst Hospital Center, Elmhurst, N.Y., at the time this article was written.
The Illinois Health Care Association (IHCA) recently named Linda Mueller, of Coulterville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, Director of Nursing of the Year.
NZNO organiser Celeste Crawford said the DHB leaders, including director of nursing Leanne Samuel and mental health director of nursing Heather Casey acknowledged the increase in reported incidents, including reports of assaults on staff.

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