clinical tutor

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clinical tutor

(1) A medical doctor—usually a consultant or associate specialist—in the UK who assumes the responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of a trainee because it would be, for geographical reasons, difficult for the trainee’s usual educational supervisor to continue in that role.

(2) The doctor responsible for organising education and training in a particular hospital trust, and overseeing the organisational aspects of postgraduate professional learning. Each health district usually has a clinical tutor for hospital doctors and one for GPs.

Clinical Tutors v College Tutors

Clinical Tutor
The local representative of the Postgraduate Dean, who is broadly responsible for training in all specialties within an NHS Trust. Clinical Tutors are increasingly designated as Directors of Medical Education, reflecting a broadening role to cover career-grade doctors as well as trainees.

College Tutors
The local representative of a medical Royal College who has oversight of training within a particular specialty.
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a former chief of cardiology and director of medical education at Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut for nearly 20 years, is published in medical journals and has appeared on national television and radio programs.
director of medical education at Ingham Regional Medical Center, Lansing, and by Raymond Rudoni, M.
In 1969, he was named director of medical education at St.
TMS), a Salt Lake City-based developer of ultrasound technology for breast imaging, announced that Patti Pavey has joined the company as director of medical education.
Sinatra is the former chief of cardiology at Manchester Memorial Hospital, where he has also been director of Medical Education for the past 15 years.
He has served as Director of Medical Education at Encino Hospital, and on the Board of Governors of Encino Tarzana-Regional Medical Center.
Although relapse has been recognized throughout the history of alcoholism and chemical dependency treatment, the approach to chronic relapse usually offers nothing more innovative or supportive than primary treatment protocols presented in a more forceful manner," says Ross Ziegler, MD, Director of Medical Education.
Finan was employed as senior vice president, managing director of medical education services at Cardinal Health, located in Wayne.
The presentation of a broad library of fair and balanced CME content is a cornerstone of the CE Medicus(R) mission," said Kathy Conrad, Director of Medical Education.
He served as the Director of Medical Education and Director of Clinical Clerkships at Doctor's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.

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