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Influenza can be confirmed by various methods, including commercially available rapid tests, viral culture, direct fluorescent antibody, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, IHC of tissues collected during autopsy (3), and paired serology.
87271: Infectious agent antigen detection by immunofluorescent technique; cytomegalovirus, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA)
The nuchal skin biopsy was negative for rabies virus antigen by the direct fluorescent antibody test.
LD also can be diagnosed by a four-fold rise in anti-legionella antibody titer or by direct fluorescent antibody on sputum samples, although the latter method lacks specificity and sensitivity.
A recent study evaluated the 3M Rapid Detection Flu A+B Test against the leading hospital brand and two conventional methods of diagnosing influenza A and B, direct fluorescent antibody staining (DFA) (1.
Brains of animals that died during MIT were subjected to the direct fluorescent antibody test (DFAT) with polyclonal antirabies fluorescein (FITC)-labeled immune globulins (Scientific-Research Veterinary Institute, Kazan, Russia) or FITC-labeled antirabies diagnostic conjugate (Centocor Inc.
A nuchal skin biopsy tested positive by direct fluorescent antibody test.
Samples sent to CDC for testing on December 21 included a nuchal skin biopsy, which tested positive for rabies virus by direct fluorescent antibody test on December 22, and saliva and skin, which were positive by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay on December 23.
6) (a) DFA, direct fluorescent antibody assay; CW, cell wall; CAP, capsule; MLVA, multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis.

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