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Abbreviation for:
dead of intercurrent disease
department of infectious diseases
dissociative identity disorder 
double immunodiffusion

Dissociative identity disorder (DID)

Term that replaced Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). A condition in which two or more distinctive identities or personality states alternate in controlling a person's consciousness and behavior.
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The DIDX direct inward dialing phone number API offers filters in the categories of available country codes, area codes, vendor rating, unlimited minutes, NXX list by NPA, channel-based choices, and more.
For more information about how to achieve business goals via DIDX VoIP SIP direct inward dialing phone numbers, contact www.didx.net and meet up in person at industry events such as CommunicAsia May 31 - June 3, 2016 in Singapore.
Direct Inward Dialing Solution is the technically sound software which is best suited for the small scaled businesses.
UK's campus has 400 direct inward dialing and 285 direct outward dialing trunks.
Direct Inward Dialing To Iisd For A Minimum Of 4, 100 Station Numbers.
The software are Direct Inward Dialing, WebRTC Client and Interactive Voice Response Builder solutions.
The analysis assumed generally accepted and consistent indexes for inflation, private system costs, common charges (such as trunking and Direct Inward Dialing), current interest rates, and a discount rate to reflect the existing system's cost at a net present value.
It provides quality inbound phone numbers (referred to as direct inward dialing, or DIDs) from more than 8000 rate centers and enables both businesses and communications services providers to extend the reach of their voice services quickly and with lower costs.
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and Direct Inward Systems Access (DISA) are among the more than 100 features available on the 3100 and eventually may be added to the OCAM system, Bradley says.
Estimated quantities are not contractual representative of the market: 65 analog subscriptions 60 subscriptions basic access T0, T2 1 15 channel subscription access, 1 T2 subscription access 20 channels, 550 Direct Inward Dialing (direct number).
The world's largest number of wholesale telecommunications companies (over 25,000) use DIDX to buy and sell direct inward dialing phone numbers and session initiation protocol trunks.
DID (direct inward dialing) systems have an ability to be used for fax, SMS, and voice mail as well as for live voice and video connections will take place.

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