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an order of insects, including flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.


An important order of insects (the two-wing flies and gnats), including many significant disease vectors such as the mosquito, tsetse fly, sandfly, and biting midge.
[G. di-, two, + pteron, wing]


An important order of insects (the two-winged flies and gnats); it includes many significant disease vectors (e.g., mosquito, tsetse fly, sandfly, and biting midge).
[G. di-, two, + pteron, wing]

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A. If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, it can be perfectly safe to fly during most of it. Discuss your trip plans with your doctor or midwife, however, before booking your flight. In certain high-risk cases, your healthcare provider may advise you to stay close to home throughout your pregnancy.

You may find that your second trimester — weeks 14 to 27 — is a perfect time to fly. Once you're past the first trimester, in all likelihood your morning sickness will be behind you, your energy levels will be higher, and your chances of miscarriage will be low. However, you shouldn't travel after 36 weeks.

in early pregnancy, you'd better consult with your ob-gyn doctor first.

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