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di·pole mo·ment

the product of one of the two charges of a dipole and the distance that separates them; an important measure of the degree of polarity of many biomolecules.
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Because the individual strands of double-stranded DNA are antiparallel and the molecule is symmetrical, the transverse dipole moments should cancel.
The dipole moment for the covalently bonded dipoles along the polymer sidechains requires a more rigorous calculation, such as using the Fri5huich modification of Onsager's equation (20)
Note that the model shows that the polarizing effect of the applied field affects < cos[theta] >, and there is a lesser effect on the direction of the individual dipole moments.
Detecting its electric dipole moment could once again put the particle in the spotlight.
Furthermore, these studies produced a large amount of precise data on interatomic distances and angles, electric dipole moments, and nuclear quadrupole coupling constants.
77 Table 4 Energy and Dipole Moments of Alkanols Oriented Along X, Y and Z Axes of the Cartesian System Alkanol Field Energy strength [kcal/ [a.
This may be interpreted as a result of the lower polarity of R1234ze(E) compared to that of R134a, as indicated by their dipole moments in Table 1 of 1.
ABSTRACT--As a means to determine the dipole moment of a permanent magnet, as well as the horizontal component of the Earth's local magnetic field, a cylindrical neodymium magnet with axial magnetic dipole moment is suspended from a thin vertical string with its axis horizontal.
i] resulting from the scaling system in question and the given values for geomagnetic latitude, atmospheric depth, and the geomagnetic virtual axial dipole moment (VADM).
As such, the previous discussion regarding solubility parameters and the presence of dipole moments applies here, as does increasing the crystallinity of a material decrease the permeability of molecules through it (ref.
Measurements of dipole moments in healers, of radiations emanating from the Tan Tien or Hara point of Qi Gong practitioners, and of the effects of healers on the properties of water are discussed, as are the influences of electric and magnetic shielding on the performance of psychics.
The large values of both |delta~|mu~ and the transition dipole moments were consistent with the large |beta~ values which we have measured.