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di·pole mo·ment

the product of one of the two charges of a dipole and the distance that separates them; an important measure of the degree of polarity of many biomolecules.
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We will find the static magnetic field as [h.sub.1], [h.sub.2] and d [right arrow] 0 and I [right arrow] [infinity] such that the partial dipole moments [m.sub.1] = [S.sub.1]I and [m.sub.2] = [S.sub.2]I remain finite.
The DC discharge nozzle was employed in the study of radicals or transient interstellar species to measure low-J rotational transitions and to determine the dipole moments (138), (139).
Spotting the dipole moment would mean that the electron has some kind of internal structure, a bizarre concept for a particle that is supposed to buzz around the nuclear hearts of atoms and molecules with its mass concentrated into an essentially sizeless point.
DFT method with Gaussian 09 program with the B3LYP functional and 6-31G(d,p) basis set was used for calculation of physical properties of compounds including stability, Gibbs free energy, dipole moment in different solvents such as EtOH, MeOH and H2O [15].
Due to the important application of dipole moment in the research of polarizability and the first hyperpolarizability, the [mu] of Tetrabromophenol blue and Bromoxylenol blue is calculated to be 3.9514 D and 9.0229 D, respectively, and [[mu].sub.x] is the dipole moment component perpendicular to the direction Ti[O.sub.2] surface, and they are 1.3838 D and 0.6012 D, respectively.
In spite of this system being nonlocal, that is, the field at any point depends on the field at two centers of spheres, it is rather easy to obtain the expression for the dipole moment of any sphere:
When the two dipole moments are equal, Equation 2 is simplified:
Heckel, "Reduced limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of [sup.199]Hg," Physical Review Letters, vol.
When Re {f([[epsilon].sup.*.sub.p], [[epsilon].sup.*.sub.m])} > 0 the effective dipole moment is aligned with the electric field E.
The scattered fields are calculated by using the DM approach described in Section 3.2 but with the dipole moments Ils calculated using the complex permittivity in the consistency condition (5) and compared with those generated using a commercial FEM code.
The main reason for the change of surface feature is the break of atoms bonds in the outmost surface layer, there are uncompensated electrons, and dipole moment directing to outside is formed.