Dioscorea villosa

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wild yam

Herbal medicine
A perennial vine that contains alkaloids (e.g., dioscorine), phytosterols, steroidal saponins (e.g., dioscin, tillin, diosgenin) and tannins; it is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cholegogic and diuretic. Wild yam has been used for colic, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, threatened abortion, muscle spasms, rheumatic pain, poor circulation, neuralgia and urinary tract disease.

Dioscorea villosa,

n See wild yam.
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Less frequent vines include Dioscorea villosa, Smilax herbacea, and S.
Dioscorea composita or Dioscorea villosa L (Family: Dioscoreaceae)
The earliest references to the treatment of menopausal complaints with Dioscorea villosa appear after the discovery of yams as a prized source of the precursor saponin diosgenin for the synthesis of progestins (Marker 1947) and other sex hormones (Bohonos 1966).