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Of Sinope, Greek philosopher, 412-323 B.C. See: Diogenes cup, poculum diogenis.
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of Sinope, Greek philosopher, 412-323 B.C.
Diogenes cup - the palm of the hand when contracted and deepened by the action of the muscles on either side. Synonym(s): poculum diogenis
Diogenes syndrome - condition of self-neglect generally observed in older individuals, associated with deficiencies in nutrition.
poculum diogenis - Synonym(s): Diogenes cup
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From year's end to year's end he takes no other exercise, and is seen nowhere else, except only in the Diogenes Club, which is just opposite his rooms."
It is for the convenience of these that the Diogenes Club was started, and it now contains the most unsociable and unclubable men in town.
Indeed, so distorted were their features that, save for his black beard and stout figure, we might have failed to recognize in one of them the Greek interpreter who had parted from us only a few hours before at the Diogenes Club.
Her gaze wandered on beyond the Diogenes' lanterns into the open space.
But more than all, I wished that old Diogenes, groping so patiently with his lantern, searching so zealously for one solitary honest man in all the world, might meander along and stumble on our party.
He swore he was Diogenes, that had long sought an honest man, and at last had found one.
Highly recommended, as are the previous novels in the series: "The Last Moriarty", "The Wilhelm Conspiracy", "Remember, Remember", "The Crown Jewel Mystery", "The Jubliee Problem", "Death at the Diogenes Club", and "The Return of the Ripper".
Diogenes Callo was caught selling shabu to an undercover PDEA agent during a drug buy-bust operation in Barangay (village) Oro Site at 8:40 p.m., said Christian Frivaldo, PDEA acting regional director.
Air as Noesis and Soul in Diogenes of Apollonia, RHODES PINTO