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Of Sinope, Greek philosopher, 412-323 B.C. See: Diogenes cup, poculum diogenis.


of Sinope, Greek philosopher, 412-323 B.C.
Diogenes cup - the palm of the hand when contracted and deepened by the action of the muscles on either side. Synonym(s): poculum diogenis
Diogenes syndrome - condition of self-neglect generally observed in older individuals, associated with deficiencies in nutrition.
poculum diogenis - Synonym(s): Diogenes cup
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It is for the convenience of these that the Diogenes Club was started, and it now contains the most unsociable and unclubable men in town.
Indeed, so distorted were their features that, save for his black beard and stout figure, we might have failed to recognize in one of them the Greek interpreter who had parted from us only a few hours before at the Diogenes Club.
Diogenes was a very learned man and he shunned both power and wealth.
The thing about communication, though, is like the quote by a wise old Greek philosopher called Diogenes (giddy with joy celebrating our last visit to the fourth round of the FA Cup): "We have two ears, but only one tongue", the implication being that you must listen more than you speak.
The decisive defeat of the Byzantine army and the capture of the Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes played an important role in undermining Byzantine authority in Anatolia and Armenia, and allowed for the gradual Turkification of Anatolia.
The diet was named the world's best after a research study known as the Diogenes Diet that involved the comparison of five different diets to see which is more effective in losing weight.
Like Diogenes looking for an honest man, perhaps Mr.
8220;What makes the SAVI Air wireless event monitor truly stand out is our Diogenes algorithm, which resides on our entire line of monitors and is widely regarded as the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the industry,” says Dan Balda, M.
Every year light on a darkening road, and every poet--and let's say true poet-- Diogenes with his lamp.
The Diet, Obesity and Genes or DiOGenes study showed that those on the high GI and low protein diets gained the most weight while those on high protein and low GI diets lost weight and didn't put it back on.
The links between Ken Kesey, William Gibson, and Robert Oppenheimer are not immediately apparent; perhaps it is easier to understand the connections among Theodore Kaczynski, the Whole Earth 'Catalog, and Diogenes of Sinope--or maybe not.