Dioctophyma renale

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Di·oc·to·phy·ma re·na·'le

a large blood-red nematode found in the pelvis of the kidney and the peritoneal cavity of the dog; fairly common in wild carnivores like the mink, but rarely found in humans; the life cycle is through leeches ectoparasitic on crayfish, which are then eaten by various fish and finally by humans or any of a number of other fish-eating mammalian hosts.
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Dioctophyme renale is a parasite of the nematode class with hematophagous habits (MONTEIRO et al., 2002) that can infect various species, for example dogs, cats, and humans (VENKATRAJAIAH et al., 2014).
With the present case report, the aberrant migration of the parasite Dioctophyme renale should be added to the list of differential diagnoses for patients with breathing difficulties in endemic areas.
Finding of Dioctophyme renale in the thoracic cavity of a dog.
Dioctophyme renale Turkiye'de daha once Istanbul'da bir kopekten bildirilmis, bu calismada da diskida parazitin yumurtasina rastlanilmistir (36).
First case report of Dioctophyme renale (Goeze,1782) in a dog in Istanbul, Turkey.
The first known description of Dirofilaria may have been by Italian nobleman Francesco Birago in 1626 in his Treatise on Hunting: "The dog generates two worms, which are half an arm's length long and thicker than a finger and red like fire." Birago erroneously identified the worms as a larval stage of another parasite, Dioctophyme renale. The dog heartworm was named Filaria by American parasitologist Joseph Leidy in 1856, and the genus was renamed Dirofilaria by French parasitologists Railliet and Henry in 1911.
Quatro relatos de caso: Suppurative sialadenitis in mandibular gland of a dog--ultrasonographic aspect; Complicagoes pos-cirurgicas apos a excisao de carcinoma de celulas escamosas na regiao perianal em femea equina; Parasitism by dioctophyme renale (goeze, 1782) in maned wolf (chrysocyon brachyurus), Brazil; e Apresentagao atipica de tumor venereo transmissivel cutaneo em um cao.
Dioctophyme renale (Goeze, 1782) is known as giant kidney worm since it is frequently found in the renal pelvis of the definitive host and can be up to 100 cm long, the largest nematode described in mammals.
Sobre dois casos de Dioctophyme renale em cao no Rio de Janeiro.
Dioctophyme renale (Nematoda, Dioctophymatidae) infection in the crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous) from Brazil.
Sobre a infestacao e lesoes anatomo-patologicas produzidas por Dioctophyme renale (Goeze, 1782) em caes.