Dioctophyma renale

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Di·oc·to·phy·ma re·na·'le

a large blood-red nematode found in the pelvis of the kidney and the peritoneal cavity of the dog; fairly common in wild carnivores like the mink, but rarely found in humans; the life cycle is through leeches ectoparasitic on crayfish, which are then eaten by various fish and finally by humans or any of a number of other fish-eating mammalian hosts.
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Natural infection by thirty four helminthes of the dioctophyma renale (GOEZE, 1782) species in a dog.
Urethral obstruction by Dioctophyma renale in puppy.
Dioctophyma renale e um helminto pertencente a familia Dioctophymatidae, e a classe Nematoda (COTTAR et al., 2012; COLPO et al., 2007).
Em sua maior parte, os caes nao apresentam sinais clinicos sugestivos do parasitismo por Dioctophyma renale (KOMMERS et al., 1999).
Maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus) contract giant kidney worms (Dioctophyma renale) as pups, and these parasites always infect the right kidney, leading to severe damage or destruction of the organ (17).
Surprisingly, a cystinuria prevalence of 80% was reported in captive maned wolves, which also can suffer another renal disease caused by the worm Dioctophyma renale (Beccaceci 1990, Chebez 1994).
Of a total of 41 injuries of the renal pelvis, parasitism by Dioctophyma renale was the most represented with 16 cases, followed by pyelonephritis (14), and hydronephrosis (11).
A dioctofimose renal canina e uma doenca parasitaria rara causada pelo nematodeo do genero Dioctophyma renale, (1,2) observado pela primeira vez por Goeze em 1782 (3).
O Dioctophyma renale e o maior parasita nematoide dos caes, podendo a femea medir cerca de 100 cm de comprimento por ate 10 mm de diametro.