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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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The NIST switch is a new type of control device that can, in essence, tune interactions between these components and potentially speed the development of a practical quantum computer, said Ray Simmonds, NIST physicist and the dimmer switch's principal investigator.
When it comes to the cocktail party problem, the dimmer switch is a piece of that story, though it's not clear just how big a factor.
Loss or loss of use of right foot, or ankylosis of the right knee or hip: * Hand-operated dimmer switch (if optional) * Hand-operated parking brake (if optional) * Extension on brake pedal for left foot operation * Left-foot-operated gas pedal * For standard transmissions, bar welded to the clutch pedal so that the clutch and brake pedals may be operated with the left foot
Finally, they wired in a controller, a device that works like a dimmer switch to regulate the motor's speed.
It made me think I am never, ever getting on the red carpet in a dress with a zip" Actress Kate Winslet suffers a wardrobe malfunction after a visit to the loo "My best beauty aid is the dimmer switch. Best scientific invention known to woman" Writer Kathy Lette "I would love to meet Jeremy Clarkson.
Swap out the light switch in the TV room (or anywhere else!) with a remote dimmer switch. That way you can turn off or dim the lights without leaving the comfort of your cushy sofa.
If we can't find a table lamp that's dimmable, then we add a plug-in dimmer switch. These plug in like an adaptor and have a small switch to alter light levels as you see fit.
Other features include a high/low dimmer switch, night light, and an extra-large easy-to-see face, and a Super Shaker[TM] bed shaker.
Dimmer switch street lights will also be looked at as part of the council's green strategy.
She said inside her flat she had turned the dimmer switch full on and they had sat at either end of the couch, (proceeding)
NEW YORK-In what is considered the first invisible, hands-free dimmer switch to hit the American market, Anigmo's new control has raised some eyebrows at an upscale design studio here.
A broken dimmer switch or one set to its lowest point might lead you to believe that your RT is not working.