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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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Jandris says installing a dimmer switch is one of the most popular do-it-yourself projects he sells in his store.
When it comes to the cocktail party problem, the dimmer switch is a piece of that story, though it's not clear just how big a factor.
Imagine this virus production to be controlled by something like a dimmer switch that you use at home to control how bright your light is.
Instead, we should learn to treat it like a dimmer switch that can be adjusted to any level between those extremes.
Think of yourself as a 100-watt bulb on a dimmer switch.
What Dynamic Feed amounts to is a dimmer switch," says Synventive's Moss.
I personally installed a dimmer switch on my problematic lamps and now just run a standard 150W bulb and get any level of light I wish.
Measuring 153/4 -in long by 2-in, wide and 1 1/6-in, deep, the light features two 20-watt sealed Halogen lights and a dimmer switch that cuts brightness by 60%, providing softer night lighting.
Loss or loss of use of left foot, or ankylosis (fusing) of the left knee or hip: * Automatic transmission * Hand-operated dimmer switch (if optional) * Hand-operated parking brake (if optional) * For standard transmissions, a bar welded to the clutch pedal to prevent the foot from slipping down or off to the side
Finally, they wired in a controller, a device that works like a dimmer switch to regulate the motor's speed.
Lamps are still needed even with a dimmer switch however, to prevent the room from looking gloomy.
It made me think I am never, ever getting on the red carpet in a dress with a zip" Actress Kate Winslet suffers a wardrobe malfunction after a visit to the loo "My best beauty aid is the dimmer switch.