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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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In addition, since background noise at a party tends to be lower-pitched than speech sounds, the dimmer switch probably can block out that distracting noise more than it does the speech, Frisina said.
Caption(s): Above: Three views of the Anigmo hands-free dimmer switch.
A broken dimmer switch or one set to its lowest point might lead you to believe that your RT is not working.
A THE simplest option is to replace your master switch with a dimmer switch.
Conscious experience instead comes with a dimmer switch that varies in sweep and intensity from one person to another and gets wired up mainly by cultural forces, in their view.
Overhead canister lights, controlled by a dimmer switch, cast soft lighting over the bath.
About the size of a soup tin it has a handle to suspend it from above, legs which allow it to sit upright and has a dimmer switch.
As well as a central light - which can be fitted with a dimmer switch if preferred - use lighting fitted to the undersides of shelves or wall cabinets.
For greater control over light levels, install a dimmer switch on your central light.