dimethyl sulfate

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di·meth·yl sul·fate

(dī-meth'il sŭl'fāt),
An industrial chemical (sulfuric acid dimethyl ester (CH3)2SO4), used in synthesis as an alkylating agent; it causes nystagmus, convulsions, and death from pulmonary complications.
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When studying the action of 100-500 kHz ultrasound on aqueous solutions, Richards and Loomis [1] discovered that the ultrasonic waves accelerate the hydrolysis of dimethylsulfate and the reduction of potassium iodate by sulfurous acid (iodine "clock" reaction).
Compound 15 was synthesized as mentioned for the synthesis of 14 but using dimethylsulfate instead of ethylchloroacetate; the resulting product was crystallized from ethanol to give 15.
The mass of dimethylsulfate (DMS) required is [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] grams.