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A volatile liquid obtained from coal tar, having physical and chemical properties similar to those of benzene; it occurs as three isomers; m-, o-, and p-xylol; used as a solvent, in the manufacture of chemicals and synthetic fibers, and in histology as a clearing agent.
Synonym(s): dimethylbenzene, xylene
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A small amount (about 1 g) of purified IIR and MAn-g-IIR samples was first dissolved in 50 ml of dimethylbenzene in a conical flask.
By referring to the related literatures (24), the EBA-g-MAH/CB composites were prepared as follows: EBA-g-MAH and CB with the mass ratio of 100/60 were dissolved in dimethylbenzene and then reacted at 120C for 24 h.
In order to investigate the amount of EBA-g-MAH reacted with CB, EBA-g-MAH in EBA-g-MAH/CB (100/60) was extracted for 48 h by dimethylbenzene using Soxhlet extractor.
In order to get better contrast, the samples were etched by formic acid or dimethylbenzene before coating.
In order to investigate the localization of CB, the formic acid or dimethylbenzene was used to extract the PA6 phase (Fig.
The residue of EBA-g-MAH in the extracted EBA-g-MAH/CB also indicates that EBA-g-MAH reacted with CB and could not be extracted by dimethylbenzene.
The surface separately etched in [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]/Cr[O.sub.3] solution for 5 min to remove the SAN and etched in dimethylbenzene to remove the PB, and then they all sputtered with gold before observation.
In order to fully evaluate the dispersion of PB particles in the CPVC/ABS blends, the dimethylbenzene was used to make the PB particles separated from the blends.
A small amount (about 1 g) of purified iPB-1-g-MAH and iPB-1 samples were first dissolved in 50 ml of dimethylbenzene in conical flask, respectively.
To obtain a good contrast, EPDM phase of some samples was etched with dimethylbenzene for 2 h.
The MAHs include benzene, toluene, styrene, dimethylbenzenes, linear [C.sub.2]-[C.sub.4]-alkylbcnzenes, a dimethylstyrene and a dimethyl-methylethylbenzenc compound.