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A toxic cholinergic agent that acts by irreversible inhibition of cholinesterase; an ophthalmic cholinergic agent used in the treatment of glaucoma; also used in biochemical research as an enzyme inhibitor.
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From bottom to top: Light yellow = drinking water volatile organic compounds; light green = urinary perchlorate, nitrate, and thiocyanate; gray = phytoestrogens; light cyan = phthalates; midnight blue = urinary metals; cyan = current use pesticides; salmon = urinary arsenic; tan = smoking; green yellow = environmental pesticides; purple = PFC (perfluorinated compound); magenta = PCB; pink = PAH; black = organophosphate pesticides; red = organochlorine pesticides; green = environmental phenols; yellow = DFP (diisopropyl fluorophosphate); brown = carbamates; blue = blood volatile organic compounds; turquoise = blood metals.
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High-molecular weight two-chain uPA (Serono), purified from human urine, was inactivated by treatment with diisopropyl fluorophosphate (26), and recombinant soluble uPAR (i.e., uPAR lacking the glycolipid anchor) capable of binding uPA was produced as described previously (27).