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Senhor Rattray, we have all been in the dark; we thought we had fool to dii with, but what admirable knave the young man would make
DII includes subsidiaries across sectors, including Emirates Building Systems, Marmum Dairy Farm, United Sales Partners, Edible Oil Company, Dubai Cranes & Technical Services, Emirates Extruded Polystyrene and TechSource LLC.
The difference was significant for rotating shiftworkers (those who worked varying shifts): average DII 1.
Dii (Desertec Industrial Initiative) avait ete cree en meme temps que la fondation Desertec pour favoriser la realisation de projets.
The DII has a high evaporation rate providing a high productivity and an excellent standard quality.
Through the deals, DII will cut its biodiesel production capacity to 700,000 tonnes from 1m tonnes, Sofiproteol added.
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Desertec helped set up the Dii in 2009 because it believed the private sector's role in the implementation of its vision was quite essential.
Beginning with the student at the center, DII serves elements of the community that touch the life of the student.
Indeed, Dii is working towards the creation of a market for desert power to supply North Africa, the Middle East and Europe (EUMENA region) with clean energy.
Dii plans to create a market for renewable energy from the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) on an industrial scale by 2050.
Dii notes that the activities on both sides of the partnership will promote industrial cooperation in Algeria, including job creation.