dihydrogen phosphate

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di·hy·dro·gen phos·phate

one-third-neutralized phosphoric acid, for example, NaH2PO4, KH2PO4.
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Acetonitrile and potassium dihydrogen phosphate was obtained from Merck (Germany).
Sodium hydroxide was purchased from Fluka (Poole, UK) and potassium dihydrogen phosphate from Sigma- Aldrich (Poole, UK).
Administration of sodium dihydrogen phosphate (sodium acid phosphate) for initial replenishment of phosphorous and Toldimfos sodium for maintenance has resulted in uneventful recovery (Muhammad et al.
Resin cement Composition (lot number) Clearfil SA Bis-GMA, TEGDMA, sodium fluoride, Cement 10-methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate, hydrophobic aromatic dimethacrylate, hydrophobic aliphatic dimethacrylate, silanated barium glass filler, silanated colloidal silica, dl-camphorquinone, initiators, accelerators, catalysts, pigments (filler = 66 wt%; 45 vol%; avg.
37 Table 3: Summary of the validation parameters of the proposed analytical method using potassium dihydrogen phosphate.
31] Clyde Eyster, 1959, "Growth inhibition of Chlorellapyrenoidosa produced by sodium dihydrogen phosphate and its reversal by calcium," Plant and Soil, 11(3), pp.
Calibration of the method was achieved using standard solutions of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, K[H.
The commonly-used different combinations of major salts are ammonium sulphate, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, magnesium sulphate.
Acetonitrile, methanol, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide were from Qualigens Fine Chemicals (Glaxo Ltd.
Pottasium dihydrogen phosphate AR, Methanol of HPLC grade, and methanol HPLC grade were supplied by S.