digital image

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a picture or concept with more or less likeness to an objective reality.
body image see body image.
digital image a depiction recorded electronically to allow viewing or transmission on a computer.
image distributor beam splitter.
disturbed body image a nursing diagnosis defined as confusion in the mental picture of one's personal self. See also body image.
fluoroscopic image a visual depiction on a fluoroscopy screen.
image intensifier a fluoroscope that is electronically enhanced to produce a brighter image; see also automatic brightness control, brightness gain, and vignetting.
latent image the invisible change in radiographic film that is caused by x-radiation or light and is made visible by development of the film.
magnification image direct radiographic enlargement requiring a fractional focus tube of 0.3 mm or less.
manifest image the change on an x-ray film that becomes visible when the latent image undergoes appropriate chemical processing.
mirror image
1. the image of light made visible by the reflecting surface of the cornea and lens when illuminated through the slit lamp.
2. an image with right and left relations reversed, as in the reflection of an object in a mirror.
motor image the organized cerebral model of the possible movements of the body.
phantom image an artifact seen in conventional linear tomography.
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Digital radiography produces a digitized image that can be manipulated by a computer and displayed on-screen.
Following a digitized image, the text itself proceeds for 74 pages.
It is comparable to creating a brilliant digitized image of the Taj Mahal while allowing the actual monument to disintegrate and collapse.
A "digitized paper document" is defined as "a digitized image of a paper document that accurately depicts the information on the paper document that cannot be altered without detection."
Professor Ruan Wei from Tong Ji University, Shanghai, China introduced a reliable and practical method (Five Control Point's Rectification of Digitized Image) for creating a city map at the scales of 1:1000 or 1:500.
Considering the demand for physical space in a dental office, it may be suggested that a digitized image is a suitable alternative to a traditional plaster model for obtaining transversal intraarch measurements.
This method performs a combination of mathematical and morphological operations on a digitized image to analyze and separate areas of solder paste texture from other dissimilarly textured non-paste areas on a PCB or stencil.
The ability to create a digitized image of the target object allows the images to be quickly displayed and the inspection data to be networked.
The project not only will provide "vital statistics," but imaging the documents also will enable individuals to view a digitized image of the actual record.
TotalLook also allows physicians to adjust the digitized image, such as changing the gray scale to highlight the mammogram, to help match it to a true digital version as different vendors' images can have different non-clinical visual nuances.
Clinical Express 3.0 will increase efficiency and radiologists' productivity by providing a high-quality digitized image of prior studies, eliminating the need to compare new digital images on a workstation with the prior film-based studies on a light box."
A motorized camera head allows image scrolling with the touch of a button, and the Dynamic/Static mode enables fast switching between the analog image mode and digitized image mode.