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1. An instrument used for measuring small differences in electrical potential.
2. An electrical resistor of fixed total resistance between two terminals, but with a third terminal attached to a slider that can make contact at any desired point along the resistance.
[L. potentia, power, + G. metron, measure]


Etymology: L, potentia + Gk, metron, measure
a voltage-measuring device.


A voltmeter.

calibration potentiometer

A mechanically adjusted resistance used as a calibration control on many instruments. It adjusts a voltage or current within the device.
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Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ:ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog solutions, today announced a new family of volatile, digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs).
The Company's family of display ICs includes gamma buffers, DC/DC regulators, and digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs) that provide a complete analog solution for high-performance LCD displays.
NASDAQ:XICO), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, today announced a family of non-volatile linear taper 256-tap digitally controlled potentiometers (DCP's) with the introduction of the X95820 (dual DCP) and X95840 (quad DCP).