Digital Nomad

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A person who uses technology, particularly wireless networking, to work, without requiring a fixed address
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Although the greatest perceived benefit is "flexible hours," 65 percent of professionals think they'd clock more hours as a digital nomad
Once the digital NOMAD is underway, Turner hopes to turn his attention to international expansion.
Within the digital nomad community, there's a trend of finding ways of grouping together.
From those who are curious in becoming digital nomads to others who are interested in having a greater work-life balance, '5 Dollar Planet' is quickly generating an enthusiastic following from those who are not interested in high monetary lifestyles or material status.
After living out of her suitcase for over three years, traveling the world and building a 6-figure business, she's now written the practical guide to learn how to become a digital nomad and truly live life on your own terms.
Thats why I participate here, to constantly be a part of the society around me, and to remind myself that not all of us are digital nomads or experts.
It seeks to provide freelancers and digital nomads a more conducive workplace than what traditional cafes offer.
Having 24/7 hour access to the Internet is high on the priority list for today's young explorers and digital nomads as nothing is more frustrating than poor signal quality, unprotected networks or excessive data roaming costs.
But already today we see coworking spaces blossoming, the freelancer economy booming and the most dedicated explorers quitting their jobs to become digital nomads.
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